Tobit Raphael posed on his twitter a new behind the scenes photo of Dylan and himself doing the “Spongebob Dance” with U.S Olympic Swimmer Missy Franklin. Also, Shawn Levy, director of the movie revealed Dylan’s character’s name.  Check it out below!


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‘Teen Wolf’ thanks its 2 million Facebook fans with some exclusive Sterek bloopers.

If you can’t view it, watch it on youtube here!

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Dylan was featured in the Fall 2012 issue of Bullet Magazine!  Thanks to,(and thanks to VA for the heads up!) I’ve added the scan to the gallery!  You can view the scan along with the outtake in the gallery below!

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The Official Facebook page for “The First Time is up and running!  Click here to “like” it and to be updated with all the latest about the movie!  Also on the page, there’s a new movie still so click on the picture above to view the full size!

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According to The New York Times October Release Schedule, it seems like “The First Time” is set to be released on October 19th.    I tried to find more information on it to see if it’s opening in all theaters or only in select theaters but I couldn’t find anything yet.  I mean it’s The New York Times website, so I feel like the information is reliable.  When more information is released about the premiere, I will post about it!  Plus, click on the picture above to see what other movies are coming out in October!

EDIT: It seems like it is being released on October 29th and it seems to be opening in select theaters according to Movie Insider!

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I was kind of getting tired of the old layout so I created a new one!  I also put up a new gallery layout thanks to Kaci!  I hope you enjoy both of the new layouts!

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Pictures from the wrap party for “The Internship have been added to the gallery!  Looks like everyone was having fun!

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Harvey Gullien posted another picture from Dylan’s birthday, this time with all of the cast and crew of The Internship!  Well most of them anyways!  This is what his tweet said:

I forgot we took a team photo for @dylanobrien bday bgame last week #TheInternship crew n cast ( well mostly.. Lol)

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Dylan’s castmates from “The Internship” posted a few pictures of Dylan from his birthday on Twitter.  It looks like he had a really fun birthday playing softball!

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Since it’s Dylan’s birthday, it’s the perfect time to share a new outtake from an old photoshoot!  Check it out in the gallery below!

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