MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ contest: Win a role on the show!

This might be the coolest prize a Teen Wolf fan could possibly win (aside from a werewolf of your very own, but technology hasn’t quite gotten there yet).

Starting today (Dec. 8) through January 7, MTV is inviting fans of “Teen Wolf” to audition for a small walk-on role on the show. You enter by going to to choose a scene to act out.

Then cue up your video camera and record yourself doing the scene! Upload your video to the “contest” tab on the Facebook page, then sit back, and hope MTV picks you. If your video is the best, you’ll be flown to Atlanta, GA, where the show films. You’ll get the full behind-the-scenes treatment and you’ll get a line in a scene with Scott (Tyler Posey) or Stiles (Dylan O’Brien).


Brush up on your acting skills and give it a shot. Why not?

09 December 2011

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