‘Teen Wolf’ Star Dylan O’Brien Foresees ‘Superhero Route’ For Stiles In Season 2

“I’m actually going in more nervous because [it’s like], ‘Great, now I gotta do well because everyone liked the first season,'” he said. “But once we’re there and we’re in it, it’s a family. We’re back with the crew and seeing everybody again, and everybody has a good time on set. We get through it, and it’s a fun show to shoot. It’s great.”

Okay. Okay. You had us worried there for a minute, Dylan. On to other matters! Such as what fans can expect when season two returns sometime this year.

“Scott and Stiles are probably going to take the superhero route a little more almost, over the fact that he’s a werewolf and ‘let’s start using it’ kind of thing. Like, use it or lose it, right? Except you can’t lose the bite. Something like that…”

Dylan went on to hint (very strongly) that we may see a new female cast member. And that she may be his love interest. Though he he admitted he had very little say over who ultimately ended up in Beacon Hills High.

“I [did a] chemistry read with a few of them,” he explained. “When I spun around to give my input, [casting was] like, ‘Out!'”


24 January 2012

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