It was announced yesterday that Teen Wolf’s second season would get a two-part premiere, kicking off on June 3 after the 2012 MTV Movie Awards and concluding in its regular time slot on June 4. And given just how many furry balls were left in the air at the end of season one, I caught up with stars Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed and Dylan O’Brien to find out what fans can expect when Beacon Hills High opens its doors again.

“Season two is 10,000 times better than the first season in every single way,” Tyler told me yesterday at MTV’s Upfront press junket. “Every episode has big moments of action or emotion — I really think the fans are going to freak out.”

And it sounds like Scott & Alison ‘shippers will do a fair amount of freaking as well, since Crystal revealed that the two start off in a good place despite learning that her boyfriend is a werewolf and her family has been hunting them for centuries. “She’s still very much in love with Scott but her dad intercepts them in the season premiere and says they can’t ever see each other again,” Crystal says, hinting at a major Romeo & Juliet vibe. “But eventually something really horrible happens and she takes a complete turn.”

When I asked if this means she’ll embrace the family business, Crystal smiled and said, “Absolutely. She starts to follow in her aunt’s footsteps this season a lot, which is so much fun.”

Also having fun in season two is Derek — according to Tyler, the character is a lot more badass and a lot funnier now that he’s the new Alpha. And while Dylan adds that Stiles doesn’t share as many hilariously adorably hilarious moments with Derek in season two, the fan favorite can always be counted on for a laugh. And a think.

“I never thought Stiles was just solely comic relief, but there is so much more to him this season,” Dylan tells me. “He starts to have more of a difficult time dealing with everything. He’s also got a lot more drama in his home life this year. He’s still funny in every episode – but there’s a little more serious stuff for him to deal with. Which I’m really excited about.”

And while I can’t say for sure, it also sounds like a second Alpha will overpower Derek this season as the cast stumbled a bit when I innocently asked how this new Alpha affects the show. “Do you mean Derek?” Dylan replied, which led me floating this second Alpha theory and the cast basically throwing down the “sorry, no spoilers” gauntlet as the interview ended.


27 April 2012

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