‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3: What Bad Guys, Relationships and More Can We Expect?

Co-Co Captains?

Since Stiles is suddenly awesome at lacrosse, will the Coach let him be a co-captain in Teen Wolf season 3? And, if so, how many co-captains can the team have at once? That said, considering Scott’s grades and Jackson’s never-ending monster issues, Stiles might just end up with the job all to himself.

What about Jackson and Lydia?

Now that Lydia’s love has saved Jackson from his slimy, scaled self, does this mean they’re getting back together? Knowing Jackson, the answer isn’t exactly certain. Werewolf or not, Jackson is still a jerk. And Lydia is still far too good for him.

After all, there’s always Stiles waiting in the background, certain to be a perfect boyfriend as soon as Lydia realizes the error of her ways.


Duh. Of course there’s going to be lacrosse. A Teen Wolf without lacrosse would be almost as weird as aTeen Wolf with no shirtlessness.

And that would be awful.


21 August 2012

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