‘Teen Wolf’ at WonderCon: First look At Season 3 Footage & Extended Bloopers!

The panel talked about a multitude of things, including some season 3 spoilers! They were pretty mum on the specifics, but it turns out that we will be seeing Scott’s father at some point. Not only that, but he’ll be playing a pivotal role. More than likely that won’t be coming into play during the first 12 episodes, but he’s sure to enter the story line, nonetheless.

We’ll also be learning a little more about Stiles’ mom, though it looks like that reveal won’t be as influential as the one about Scott’s father. Other bits of information we’ve learned are that Stiles will “very likely not” become a werewolf, that Davis really wants a Teen Wolf movie, and that Kali is like a Bond villain. Not only that, but she’ll be playing a pivotal role as well.

01 April 2013

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