Interview With Hypable.Com: “Things Start Going Crazy’ In Season 3B”

The darkness

At the end of the first half of Teen Wolf season 3, our main trio sacrificed themselves for their parents. While they did survive the process, it definitely came with some consequences. One of those consequences was the darkness that now lives in the hearts of our three heroes.

“It’s that darkness that Deaton warned us about at the end of last season,” O’Brien says. “For Stiles in particular, he’s an interesting candidate for a host. Me, Scott, and Allison have very vulnerable minds at this point because we left the door open for what we did to sacrifice ourselves for our parents. We are prime subjects for any sort of spirits and evil to come in and have a great time.”

So not only does it sound like Stiles and his friends will be suffering from the darkness, but it may also open them up for possession. Could this have something to do with the Kitsune myth they’ll be focusing on during the winter season?


Speaking more specifically about Stiles, he says, “Being the human, he’s very vulnerable, as he’s always been. But I think now that it’s going to be a lot about Stiles kind of dealing [with the fact that] he’s not safe. It’s kind of that thing with the superhero’s girlfriend.” O’Brien paused to laugh at his own metaphor, comparing himself to Peter Parker’s Mary Jane, but continued in a more serious tone by saying, “The ones you love are who you have to keep the furthest away from you.”

“It seems like he could be a target to get to Scott, or get to Derek, and those guys,” he continues. “So we may finally be toying with that. But also I don’t know either,” he adds, alluding to the fact that he doesn’t know the plot of the entire season just yet.

His relationship with his father

Now that Sheriff Stilinski knows about the supernatural world, will Stiles still be at odds with his father? “It diffuses [the friction],” he says. “We were butting heads a lot last season because of what [the sheriff] didn’t know, and he could just tell I was keeping something from him, and it was killing me and making me act weird around him. That was disrupting our relationship. Now Stilinski understands why it took Stiles so long to tell him, why he chose the time to tell him that he did, and I think it’s going to bring them closer, strengthen their relationship, for sure.”

That’s definitely a load off of a lot of fans’ shoulders! One of the hardest things to watch over the last few seasons has been seeing Stiles’ relationship with his father deteriorating because of this huge secret that was not necessarily his to tell. It’s going to be great seeing the Stilinskis reforming that bond and becoming closer once more.

Stiles’ love life

Stiles has had a complicated relationship with girls thus far. He’s been in love with Lydia for a long time, and they’ve only started to become friends. Then there was Heather, who was plucked from his life before anything could even happen between them.

Now that the threat of the Darach has been taken care of, will Stiles be trying to win Lydia back? When asked if his character would be butting heads with Aiden, Lydia’s new love interest, O’Brien says, “I think he’s used to not quite getting what he wants from Lydia, and I think at this point it’s like he’s comfortable loving her at a distance, and he’s sort of come to terms with the fact that there needs to be [something there]. She needs to love him back in order for it to work. You can’t force someone to love you. He can only do so much.”

This is absolutely true, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see which direction Stiles’ love life goes in now, particularly since we learned that there will be someone else for him during this winter season. But O’Brien also stressed that it will difficult for Stiles, saying, “There’s also a lot going on that has to be prioritized ahead of a love life because things start going crazy. We start losing our minds.”

Source: Hypable.Com

14 October 2013

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