TW Spoilers: Will Scott Have to Kill Stiles? Tyler Posey Says…

On  the most recent episode of Teen Wolf (Season 3, Episode 18: “Riddled”), Stiles came face-to-face with the nogitsune who’s been possessing him, and now, the dark spirit has full control of his body! However, Stiles’ turn as the Big Bad this season won’t come without consequences. The Oni are already plotting to destroy him, and with a Teen Wolf death on the horizon, all signs are point to Stiles biting the dust. But, will his demise come at the hands of his best friend Scott?

“There’s teases of a death, and the way that Stiles is going right now, it looks like maybe we have to kill him,” Tyler Posey recently told Wetpaint Entertainment. “That’s what everyone has to deal with this season. They can’t trust Stiles.  At all. So, they have to try and figure out how to get him back to Stiles. But, no one has any idea of how to do it.”

And it seems everyone will have a different opinion on what should be done. Clearly, Scott is going to try and save his best friend at whatever cost. But “Riddled” also hinted that Kira may be the one destined to defeat the dark spirit possessing Stiles, which leads us to think this couple may be headed for their first real argument sometime soon.

 “It’s going to create a lot of conflict for each person individually, but also in different relationships and how they’re going to deal with it,” Tyler Hoechlin told us. “Everyone is going to question each other’s moral boundaries. Is it for the greater good to get rid of someone close to you that you care about to save other people? Or, do you selfishly try and save the person you know and love? They’re going to challenge each other, and you’ll see who lies where as far as trying to bring Stiles back.”

How will Lydia react to the news? With denial, of course. However, she may also have a plan to save Stiles. “There is a new gravitation toward Stiles. We don’t know what those feelings are in particular, but there are feelings involved,” Holland Roden playfully hinted. “I think Lydia is starting to suspect that something is off with Stiles, and there’s a bit of denial at first — and you’ll find out later down the road why. It’s almost hard to believe it could be him. She thinks there’s something else at hand, and so Lydia is always one step ahead in thinking what it could be.”

And for all you Stydia fans wondering if this will lead to a declaration of love between the two, Holland said “be patient.” She added: “I think the fans want there to be feelings for Stiles… Ultimately, I think the Stydia fans will be pleased with the outcome.” That’s hopeful, right?

With Stiles’ life on the line in the final episodes, be prepared for “a lot of almosts, little screeches” from Beacon Hills’ resident banshee before one final earth-shattering cry in the finale.

Do you think Stiles could be the one to die in the finale? Or, do you think it will be someone else? Sound off with your theory in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Teen Wolf on Monday, February 17 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.


11 February 2014

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