Tiffany   —   01 26 2014

The official twitter page for The Maze Runner just posted a brand new promotional of Dylan as Thomas. Check it full size in the gallery below and make sure to vote for the movie for #MTVMovieBrawl!


Tiffany   —   01 23 2014
Tiffany   —   01 23 2014

I’ve added over 300+ HD logoless screencaptures to the gallery. Check them out below.

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Tiffany   —   01 21 2014

Collider:  What can you say about where things are going for Stiles, and just how close he’ll get to completely losing his mind?

DYLAN O’BRIEN:  Pretty close.  It’s stuff I’ve really been working hard on, and it’s my first try at [stuff that dramatic].  It gets worse, for each of us.  There literally becomes a point where Stiles is going to check himself into a mental hospital.  It’s that bad.  We finally pinpoint what’s going on mid-season, but then that just brings on a whole other bag of problems, like how it usually goes on our show.  But, it’s done in a really clever, cool way.  It was a lot of fun for me, this season.  I had a lot of really cool stuff that I’m excited for everybody to see, and I hope goes over well.  At the end of the day, it felt good walking away, and it’s just about the experience.  It was a really fun season to do, and I think we all feel that way, about the show in general, about each other’s parts, and about our own parts.  It’s good.  It will be weird, but good.

Is it a little bit harder to find the comic relief, for these episodes?

O’BRIEN:  Yes.  That’s a good question. That’s one of my main challenges.  I never want to lose that essence of the character that I built a foundation on and that I love so much.  I get all these tormenting storylines, and I just try to figure it out.  Clearly, that changes a person, but I refuse to toss Stiles away, at all.  My job then becomes about balancing and trying to blend the humor and the comedy with the horrible, daunting, crazy stuff that’s going on.  When he’s going through this season is dramatized, so it’s hard to keep the humor in.  But, fans should not fear ‘cause that is always something that’s on my mind.  I will never let Stiles get too dramatic.  I don’t care what they write for me, I’ll just start cracking jokes.  I want him to have that confident energy about him.  I love that.  I also love that people have every layer possible in them, too.  I just hope that the scripts keep everything that I like about Stiles, and that the fans do, too.  I basically hope that this season doesn’t make them hate me.  The whole time I’m like, “Oh, god, please don’t kill me!”

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Tiffany   —   01 21 2014


Exclusive European appearance:

We are pleased to announce Dylan O’Brien @dylanobrien as our 8th guest! Please, note that Dylan is a BONUS GUEST. Photo op’s and autographs are included just in the VIP Tickets. Please, give this wonderful, very talented young man a warm welcome!

More Information on Alpha Con’s Official Website:

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Tiffany   —   01 21 2014

Tiffany   —   01 21 2014

I’ve added new episodes still from tonight’s episode titled Galvanize have been added to the gallery. Check them out below!

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Tiffany   —   01 20 2014

Hey all! I was approached by fellow Teen Wolf fan StelenaIsLove about an online fanmail idea for the cast of the show! I think it’s a brilliant idea and you should check it out.  Read more about below and make sure to “like” the facebook page by clicking here.

via Facebook Page:

You want the Teen Wolf cast to see your support and love? You want to connect with more fans? Then Wolf Bites is the perfect place for you 🙂
Wolf Bites is for everyone who wants to get in touch with the Teen Wolf cast.
The most important is to share this page to everyone so the chance of notice is bigger, so please help!
You are all welcome to this page. News, photos, videos will be shared soon.
The digital book of fans will be available soon!How to join the book:

1. Write a message to me or to the email:
2. Include your name, country, age and a site for contact, like twitter or facebook…etc.
3. Write your message adressed to a particular actor or the whole cast. It’s your choice
4. If you don’t want to do a message, you can make a picture, video, fan art, whatever you want
5. The message shouldn’t be longer than 10 lines and please write in proper English

Tiffany   —   01 17 2014

Wes Ball (Director of The Maze Runner) just tweeted a new still from the movie. Make sure to follow him because he will be releasing a new still every week. Check it out below & I will replace the image when the full resolution is released.


Tiffany   —   01 17 2014

On Air with Ryan Secret recently uploaded a video of Dylan, Tyler and Crystal answering a few Twitter questions that fans asked using #TeenWolf.  Some of the content they took tweets from the premiere episode. Check out the funny video below!