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A new movie still from The Maze Runner has been released! Can’t wait to see more! Check out the full size in the gallery below.


  —   11 01 2013

A new outtake from the Nylon Magazine photoshoot the cast of Teen Wolf did back in 2011 has been added to the gallery. The full sized outtake can be viewed in the gallery below.


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I’ve added 2 HQ bts pictures from the episode Chaos Rising which was the second episode of “Teen Wolf” season 3. View them in full size in the gallery below.

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  —   10 25 2013

A new still from the third episode “Chaos Rising” has been added to the gallery. Check it out in full size in the gallery below.


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Dylan wears purple today in support to stand up to bullying against LGBT Bullying!  Check out the picture below!


  —   10 16 2013

Thanks to TeenWolfDaily.Com, I’ve added 2 new outtakes from when the entire cast of Teen Wolf attended Comic Con 2013. Check them out below.

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  —   10 14 2013

The darkness

At the end of the first half of Teen Wolf season 3, our main trio sacrificed themselves for their parents. While they did survive the process, it definitely came with some consequences. One of those consequences was the darkness that now lives in the hearts of our three heroes.

“It’s that darkness that Deaton warned us about at the end of last season,” O’Brien says. “For Stiles in particular, he’s an interesting candidate for a host. Me, Scott, and Allison have very vulnerable minds at this point because we left the door open for what we did to sacrifice ourselves for our parents. We are prime subjects for any sort of spirits and evil to come in and have a great time.”

So not only does it sound like Stiles and his friends will be suffering from the darkness, but it may also open them up for possession. Could this have something to do with the Kitsune myth they’ll be focusing on during the winter season?


Speaking more specifically about Stiles, he says, “Being the human, he’s very vulnerable, as he’s always been. But I think now that it’s going to be a lot about Stiles kind of dealing [with the fact that] he’s not safe. It’s kind of that thing with the superhero’s girlfriend.” O’Brien paused to laugh at his own metaphor, comparing himself to Peter Parker’s Mary Jane, but continued in a more serious tone by saying, “The ones you love are who you have to keep the furthest away from you.”

“It seems like he could be a target to get to Scott, or get to Derek, and those guys,” he continues. “So we may finally be toying with that. But also I don’t know either,” he adds, alluding to the fact that he doesn’t know the plot of the entire season just yet.

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  —   10 14 2013

Thanks to geeksofdoom.com, I have added 17 HQ pictures from the Teen Wolf Panel  at New York Comic Con which was held on Saturday October 12th.  If you repost these pictures on your own site, make sure to credit geeksofdoom.com.

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  —   10 13 2013

This weekend at New York Comic-Con Dylan O’Brien opened up about what The Maze Runnermovie delay means for the series.

As reported last weekend by Hypable, Fox has pushed the release date for The Maze Runnerto September 19, 2014. Although fans of the book series were disappointed by the news O’Brien stresses that this announcement is a positive move for the series as a whole.

“It means the studio is backing it, and you know, they want to give Wes, the director, and the visual effects team, all the time that they need to make the movie the best version it can be. I’m really happy about… I think it’s so smart what they did,” O’Brien said in comments recorded by Hypable at NYCC on Sunday.

The leading actor of the dystopian thriller goes on to say that being rushed with a movie of this size isn’t what fans should want. “I mean, we wrapped in July, and having it release in February, a big action and visual effects dystopian movie would be kind of insane. So I think it’s great that we’re going to be able to take the time now to make it as good as it can be. The best version of the film it can be.”

In addition, O’Brien reveals that the extended amount of time will give the Maze Runner team more opportunity for press and promotion. “We get to do Comic-Con San Diego next year, which we wouldn’t have gotten to do otherwise, so that’ll be good too.”

Between this news and the announcement that the Maze Runner sequel script for The Scorch Trials is being developed, fans of the franchise should be comforted that Fox is giving the series as much attention as it can afford.

Source: hypable.com