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Screencaptures & episode stills of the latest episode of “Teen Wolf” titled “Co-Captain” have been added to the gallery.  Enjoy!

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On MTV’s TEEN WOLF, Monday nights at 10, the gig is filled by Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stan “Stiles” Stilinsky, who researches all the mythology that comes with the hairy curse afflicting his pal Scott McCall (Tyler Posey).New York native O’Brien, who will be twenty later this month, talks to us about portraying the compadre of a high school lycanthrope.

ASSIGNMENT X: Stiles is kind of a smartass. Had you played this type of character before?

DYLAN O’BRIEN: This was the first role that I got.

AX: What did you do before you were an actor?

O’BRIEN: I went to high school and I made YouTube videos, and that eventually got me into acting unintentionally. [They were] just sketch comedy videos that I would write and make and edit them and put the money in and eventually got enough of a following that somebody noticed me and I started auditioning and I got TEEN WOLF, so there you have it.

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Thanks to, I’ve added 2 scans from the  TV Guide’s Comic Con 2011 Ultimate Guide.  Enjoy and if reposted please credit

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Below is a second behind the scenes video and 4 new outtakes of Dylan’s photoshoot with Troix Magazine. You can view them in the gallery by clicking below!

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Sorry I didn’t post these earlier but I wasn’t feeling well the last couple of days.  Anyways 3 pictures of Dylan from the 2011 MTV Networks Summer TCA held July 29 have been added to the gallery.  Enjoy!

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If you’ve been having fun watching this summer’s guilty pleasure “Teen Wolf,” let me just tell you that the cast members are just as fun in person—maybe even more so.

When MTV News caught up with Dylan O’Brien, Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey before their panel at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, the energetic trio had so much to say that they had a hard time letting one another speak. They also had a hard time explaining the finer plot points of their series (what the Alpha effect will be, for example), but Tyler gets an A for effort for bringing up an educational sun/universe/galaxy comparison.
“We find out who [the Alpha] is soon, and as of right now, there’s only one,” Tyler said of Monday’s big reveal. “I think there can only be one Alpha, right?” he added when asked if there will be only one. “I have no idea.”
“We don’t know that much about our own show,” Dylan joked.
Crystal suggested that maybe there is one Alpha per pack, a theory which went over well with the boys.
“[One] per pack, that makes sense,” Tyler said. “It’s like a sun for a universe—no, a galaxy.”
“Like a family with one dad,” Crystal said.
“Little galaxies within the universe,” Dylan added. “Or no, little universes within the galaxy.”
Moving away from the slightly unsuccessful space comparisons, I then asked the young stars what kind of action they hope their characters will get into during season two.
“I want Allison to be evil,” Crystal said. “I think it would be so much fun.”
“Whoa. What kind of evil?” Dylan asked.
“Like demented, schizo, wolf evil,” Crystal answered.
“I think you have to develop that from an early stage,” Dylan offered. “You can’t just [jump into it].”
“Oh believe me, my performance was layered with all these things,” Crystal promised with a smile. “Trust me.”

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I’ve added a bunch of new pictures from Comic Con including Camp Playboy Party At Comic-ConEntertainment Weekly’s 5th Annual Comic-Con Celebration, and a portrait picture from Comic Con.

Also, added is the photoshoot from Girls Life Magazine which was shot by photographer Dean Foreman.  I’ve edited the scans so they’re not the best but they don’t have the text on them!

Lastly, I’ve added the screencaptures from the Cambio Live Chat and the Highlight Video of the Cambio Chat.  Enjoy!

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