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Tiffany   —   07 24 2011

Dylan attended Entertainment Weekly’s 5th Annual Comic-Con Celebration on July 23.  Also, below you can view the interview that the cast did for Entertainment Weekly.  Enjoy!

Tiffany   —   07 24 2011

Pictures of Dylan and the cast of “Teen Wolf” have been added to the gallery!  Also the trailer for the final 4 episodes of “Teen Wolf” can be seen below.  I will be posting more pictures late on.  You can also read a recap of the “Teen Wolf” panel below thanks to

MTV – Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden and Colton Haynes, along with executive producer Jeff Davis and Director/co-executive producer Russell Mulcahy, were at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 today to talk about the popular new series and show exclusive footage.

Here are some highlights from the panel:

* While season one is wrapping up on August 15th, a new season has been green-lit. On Monday night’s episode, we’ll also learn the identity of The Alpha.

* We also saw a sizzle reel from the remaining four episodes of the current season.

* …and then the Tylers took the stage, and the crowd erupted into a thousand girls’ screams (the room only seated 425, by the way).

* Hoechlin says that the big change between this Con and the last is that people know who they are now.

* On their favorite episodes, Mulchahy spoke about the way the series accelerates. Hoechlin and Crystal say their favorite was episode 3, while Posey says his involved a scene where he and Crystal gt to make out. Actually, everyone’s favorite scenes seemed to involve shirtlessness and making out.

* It was revealed that there will be more than just one Alpha in the series. Speaking about werewolf mythology, they’ve attempted to stay true to lycanthropy mythology while introducing new twists, such as the different effects of silver, etc.

* Attempting to avoid spoilers, Colton tried to sidestep what was happening to his character after being scratch by Derrick. We’ll see what that’s about in episode 10.

* Posey says viewers will crack up when they hear his character’s first name.

* In answer to whether his character Derrick is a bad guy, Hoechlin says Derrick is simply trying to protect Scott. “He’s a good and a bad guy,” and “hates Stiles.” In the next couple of episodes, we’ll learn about his deep, dark past and more about his relationship with Kate.

* Posey says that Stiles makes things easier for everyone–he’s so selfless and says that the character deserves a cake.




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Tiffany   —   07 23 2011

Yesterday July 22, 2011, Dylan along with Tyler Posey, attended two comic-con events.  The first event was the Camp Playboy Party  and the second event was WIRED Cafe at Comic-Con.  Enjoy!

Tiffany   —   07 07 2011

I’ve added several pictures from 2010 to the gallery that we didn’t have before.  I’ve added pictures from Comic Con 2010, the In Touch Weekly Icons & Idols VMA After Party, and Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party.  Also, I’ve added a couple more twitter pictures of Dylan.  Enjoy!

Tiffany   —   06 29 2011

Dylan and some of the cast of “Teen Wolf” attended the The 2nd Annual Thirst Project Gala yesterday June 28.  HQ & MQ pictures have been added to the gallery.  As always thanks to Peter for a few of them!  Enjoy!

Tiffany   —   06 28 2011

I’ve added HQ pictures from events from 2010-2011 to the gallery.  Also thanks to, I’ve added 2 scans from the June/July issue of Girl’s Life Magazine.  If posted anywhere please link back to her site!  Enjoy!

Tiffany   —   06 26 2011

I’ve added 7 HQ pictures from when Dylan attended the 37th Saturn Awards on June 23rd.  Also below is an interview that he did at the event.  Enjoy!

Tiffany   —   06 25 2011

Yesterday, June 23, Dylan attended the 37th Annual Saturn Awards.  You can view all of the pictures in the gallery below. Also below is a video of him at the event. Enjoy!


Tiffany   —   06 23 2011

Once again, thanks to Peter from, I’ve added 7 more HQ pictures from the 2010 MTV Networks TCA Summer Press Tour!  Enjoy!

Tiffany   —   06 22 2011

Thanks to Peter from, we now have the pictures from when the cast attended the Randy Jackson Presents “ABDC” Season 6 Finale in HQ!  Take a look at them in the gallery!