Dylan O’Brien: How Thomas in ‘The Maze Runner’ Experiences a “Rebirth”
Dylan O’Brien chatted with at Comic Con in this interview that surfaced a few days ago! He talks his character of Thomas in The Maze Runner, and how interesting it was to portray a character that experiences a rebirth. He literally doesn’t...
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‘Teen Wolf’: Dylan O’Brien on Stiles’ & Crazy Season
Stiles is out of it these days on Teen Wolf, but you would be too if you were possessed by a mischievous and evil Japanese spirit. And following last week’s epic reveal of that possession, we hear it’s only going to get...
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Dylan O’Brien Interview With Collider.Com
Collider:  What can you say about where things are going for Stiles, and just how close he’ll get to completely losing his mind? DYLAN O’BRIEN:  Pretty close.  It’s stuff I’ve really been working hard on, and it’s my first try...
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Dylan, Tyler & Crystal Answer Some Fan Twitter Questions!
On Air with Ryan Secret recently uploaded a video of Dylan, Tyler and Crystal answering a few Twitter questions that fans asked using #TeenWolf.  Some of the content they took tweets from the premiere episode. Check out the funny video...
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More Interviews With Dylan, Crystal and Tyler!
Here are a few more interviews that Dylan, Crystal and Tyler did  while promoting the new season of Teen Wolf.