Interviews The First Time
Sundance Interview at “The First Time” Movie Premiere
Also, I've added HQ pictures from one of the events and the second set of portraits Dylan did at Sundance.  Enjoy!
Interviews The First Time
5 Questions For “The First Time” Director Jon Kasdan
Director Jon Kasdan talks about casting Dylan and Britt Robertson for his movie "The First Time" in his this new interview with Film Maker Magazine. Filmmaker: Britt and Dylan both give really surprising performances here. How did you come across these two relative...
Interviews The First Time
Article: “TV witches, ’wolves unite for Sundance”
Dylan O’Brien stars in MTV’s “Teen Wolf” as the werewolf’s best friend. Britt Robertson stars in The CW’s “Secret Circle” as a witch. The two star together in “The First Time,” a romantic comedy about two teenagers, which premieres Saturday,...
Wanna Ask Dylan A Question?
I sent in the questions hopefully they will use them!!  Thank you for everybody that sent in their questions! Don't forget to sign up to join's social page for Dylan.  You can interact with other Dylan Fans and post...
Interviews Teen Wolf
Fall Rush Video Interview: Dylan O’Brien Talks Season 2
When Ology rocked the black carpet for the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, we got chummy with all of the stars in the entertainment galaxy, from Entourage, Awkward., The Real World, and more- yet when we spotted one familiar face (we’ve interviewed him before!), we...