The First Time
Sony Acquires Teen Romancer ‘The First Time’
Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has picked up all US. rights to The First Time, the teen romance written and directed by Jonathan Kasdan. SPWA also picked up Canadian ancillary rights in the deal. The movie premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival...
Interviews The First Time
“The First Time” Interviews
Here are a few more interviews/ red carpet videos of Dylan from the premiere of The First Time.  Thanks VA for the head's up! Also, check out another cute video of Dylan and Britt Robertson here!
High Road Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes
Allison, Scott and Stiles shoot a scene in the woods… Also, don't forget to order or pick up your copy online on Amazon and on (only available online)
High Road
“High Road” Screencaptures
Here are 650+ screen captures from Dylan's movie "High Road".  Personally, I loved the movie!  It's such a different role from Stiles and it's great to see Dylan play a character that's so different!  Make sure to preorder your copy...
High Road
“High Road” Official Movie Trailer
A new "official" trailer of Dylan's movie "High Road" has been released!  This trailer shows a lot more of what the movie is about then the other trailer.  Remember that you can pre-order "High Road" on Bluray and DVD which...