High Road
New BTS photo from “High Road” & Trailer Screencaps
I've added a behind the scenes shot of Dylan from the movie "High Road" that some people might have already seen but wasn't in the gallery.  Also, I've added HQ screencaps from one of the trailers for the movie.  Enjoy!
The First Time
Taking A Break On Set of “The First Time”
I've added pictures from when Dylan was seen taking a break on the movie "The First Time" which is due to be out May 12, 2012.  Enjoy!
High Road Interviews Teen Wolf The First Time
Collider “Exclusive” Interview
What can viewers expect from the remainder of the season, and how will your character continue to evolve? O’BRIEN: Throughout the season, Stiles is on his own a little more than at the beginning. When we started, Scott and Stiles...
High Road
Dylan’s Youtube Channel & “High Road” Trailer
As you guys may know or not know, Dylan was discovered by posting youtube videos before he was on the webseries "Sweety".  You can watch all of his youtube videos by clicking here!  Also, below are two trailers for his...