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  —   08 21 2013

Thanks to  Octoberdreamingx as well as Tyler-Posey.Com for the heads up, you can watch a deleted scene from the first half of season 3.  Check them out below!

  —   08 20 2013

I’ve added HD screencaptures and stills from the mid-season finale of “Teen Wolf“.  Don’t forget that the second part of season 3 will premiere in January! 

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  —   08 19 2013

The Teen Wolf Finale Marathon is TOMORROW, starting at 11am EST and going straight through the summer finale at 10pm EST! Things you do not want to miss:

  • A special sneak peek of a scene from next season!
  • A hashtag during the final that could let you win a trip to the set!
  • More fun facts, interviews, and deleted scenes throughout the day!

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 1.43.56 AM

Click picture above to see the video!



  —   08 18 2013

The first half of Teen Wolf Season 3 comes to an end Monday night and, having gotten a sneak peek, I can assure viewers: it is chock full of great moments and fans who have enjoyed the ride this summer will not be disappointed.

The biggest question, of course, is whether our Beacon Hills heroes will stop Jennifer and Deucalion and, in the process, save the lives of the captured Guardians (aka, the parents of Allison, Scott and Stiles).

No major spoilers follow, but here are 10 statements about the summer finale that could be false… or could very well be true. Have at ’em now!

  • There is some major wet t-shirt time with a few of our characters…and I’m not talking about the female ones!

  • Scott comes face to face with his just-returned father, who immediately grounds him and sends him to his room.

  • Allison proves once again she really knows her weapons.

  • Lydia’s banshee scream is heard but this time calls Vampires to Beacon Hills.

  • Derek contemplates staying with Jennifer but does NOT contemplate shaving.

  • Twins Ethan and Aiden find out they aren’t really twins but part of a cloning project, a la Orphan Black.

  • While captive, Scott’s mother and Stiles’ father hook up. Sadly, Argent is the odd man out.

  • Stiles drives the jeep and looks amazing doing it.

  • Isaac takes a beating from Jennifer and suddenly speaks with a British accent.

  • A baseball bat becomes very important – and it’s not to hit a home run.


  —   08 17 2013

  —   08 17 2013

  —   08 16 2013


Win the chance to see YOUR design on Dylan O’Brien! Enter our STYLE STILES contest and design a tee shirt to be worn on an upcoming episode of ‪#‎TeenWolf‬ – three lucky winners will see their shirts on the show, and one grand prize winner will fly to the set!

  —   08 15 2013


Paleisnewblack: Does it wrap up enough of 3a to allow 3b to start fresh(ish)? Is it believable?
Wait, are you seriously asking if a show about werewolves is believable? Um, as believable as it can be? And yes, it feels like the closing of a chapter and the start of a new one…with the potential for this to be the end of the story for one of our characters who decides to leave town by episode’s end.

christina_bucks:  Will Stiles and Derek interact at all in the episode??
Negative. Sorry, Sterek ‘shippers.

Angela_Rocca: Is Stiles getting into a car accident? I saw something bad in the promo… #TeenWolf
There is one pretty gnarly car accident and one almost accident that occurs in a flashback.

PhantomRat: Just one important question: Would you make out with this finale?
We’d probably go to first base with this finale…with some over the shirt action. We’re classy like that.

hannah_edgson: will it end on a terrible cliffhanger? #teenwolf
No, there’s a lot of closure, but still with plenty of set up for next season, including a new big bad that we’ve met before…

windycitygirl89: Is the connection that Stiles/Allison/Scott have now further addressed? If so, will we get a glimpse at how they feel afterwards?
The first scene reveals the connection, but there isn’t a lot of followup. Expect to see a lot more of “the darkness” and what it draws to Beacon Hills when the show returns in January. As for how they feel afterwards, it inspires Allison (Crystal Reed) to prepare herself for what’s to come, while Scott and Stiles are trying to stay positive…

thesebruises: Any Stiles/Lydia interaction?


  —   08 14 2013

  —   08 13 2013

500+ screencaptures as well as a few episode stills from last night’s episode have been added to the gallery.  Check them out below.

001 001 001 001

001 001 001