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  —   01 22 2016

  —   01 20 2016

Screencaptures from last night’s episode of Teen Wolf titled Codominance have been added to the gallery. Check them out below:

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  —   01 13 2016

Screencaptures from last night’s episode of Teen Wolf have been added to the gallery. Check them out in the gallery below!

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  —   01 13 2016

An episode still from tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf  titled “Damnatio Memoriae” have been added to the gallery.


  —   01 07 2016

Episode screencaptures and episode stills from Tuesday’s episode of Teen Wolf titled “The Last Chimera” have been added to the gallery.

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  —   01 01 2016

The “Teen Wolf” Season 5 winter premiere is right around the corner. We had the opportunity to watch the premiere early, so we’re here to give you a few hints at what is to come.

Teen Wolf” Season 5, episode 11, “The Last Chimera,” is fast approaching its January 5 debut at 9 p.m. ET on MTV, but the show can never quite come fast enough. To hold you over, here are five moments from the winter premiere we’re sure will get you even more excited for the rest of the season.

(This is your final chance to bow out if you don’t want to know anything about what’s coming up.)

1. Stiles confronts Scott

We’ve seen it in plenty of previews, but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch Stiles throw Scott against the wall in anger about his father’s current condition. Fans will be happy this devastating scene is out of the way by the end of the premiere, as that hopefully means the two best friends can start to reconcile their relationship.

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  —   12 31 2015

  —   12 22 2015

I have finally updated the gallery with the episode screencaptures that were missing from season 5. Don’t forget that the second half of season 5 starts on Tuesday, January 5 at 9/8c.

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  —   12 09 2015

The struggle will be real. Teen Wolf returns Tuesday, January 5th at 9/8c.

  —   11 30 2015

Producer Jeff Davis talked to Moviepilot.Com about the Season 5B and what’s next for Teen Wolf. Check out bits of the interview (questions pertaining Dylan) below and read the whole thing here.

Yesterday we had a little chat, today we get to talk a bit longer, so what idea do you have in mind for Season 6?

I can’t really say that it is going to happen. But I would like to introduce the Ghost Riders and Arachnes. If I will use the Hellhound or not, I can’t say. But the pack will need a lot of people, because that’s for season 6A, 6B I would follow it up with 1 More villain that ends up with a big cliffhanger for season 7A.

Is Stalia done for good?

In this show we can’t say anything about that.

Are new opening credits coming for season 5B?

I don’t know if we’re going to do that already, but we probably will. But there are new opening credits for season 6 for sure. We might change Dylan O’brien’s opening, we also have Shelley’s opening that we’re trying to chance, then we might add 2 or 3 people.

Yeah it would be. But why no Dylan O’Brien?

I wouldn’t even ask him. Not because I don’t want him in my show, because he might make a guest appearance or 2 in a season. But he’s such a movie star and he’s going to do big things. I can’t hold him back. Teen Wolf still helps him. But if I do a Comedy/drama show he wouldn’t learn anything new.