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“Teen Wolf” Promotionals & Twitter Pictures
First, I've added 2 "Teen Wolf" promotionals to the gallery.  One promotional is new while the other is a HQ version of one we already had.  Secondly, I added some more Twitter pictures that Dylan was in to the gallery.  Enjoy!
Teen Wolf
“Teen Wolf” 1×04 Trailer
Interviews Teen Wolf
Dylan O’Brien Plays The Genuine Friend on MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’
MediaBlvd> Can you start out by telling me how you ended up onTeen Wolf, and what the audition process was like? Dylan> It was just an audition that came along through my manager.  I’d been auditioning for four months and...
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“Pack Mentality” Episode Stills & Screencaptures
Episode stills and episode screencaptures of the third episode of  Teen Wolf titled "Pack Mentality" have been added to the gallery. What did you guys think about the new episode?
Teen Wolf
New “Teen Wolf” Episode Tonight on MTV!
Today is Monday which means a new "Teen Wolf" on MTV at 10PM!  During the episode the cast including Dylan will be tweeting live!  Make sure to follow them, here are their twitter links; Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, Colton Haynes,...