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New “Teen Wolf” Episode Tonight on MTV!
Today is Monday which means a new "Teen Wolf" on MTV at 10PM!  During the episode the cast including Dylan will be tweeting live!  Make sure to follow them, here are their twitter links; Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, Colton Haynes,...
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An epic Q&A with ‘Teen Wolf’s equally epic new Stiles, Dylan O’Brien
Danielle Turchiano recently had an interview with Dylan.  Below is part of the interview and you can read the entire interview by clicking the link! LA TV Insider Examiner: We have to ask the question that’s surely on everyone’s mind....
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MTV’s Series “Teen Wolf” Cast Visit Young Hollywood Studio
Yesterday June 10, Dylan along with the cast of "Teen Wolf" visited Young Hollywood Studio.  You can view all of the pictures in the gallery below!  Enjoy!
Interviews Teen Wolf
Exclusive: Producer Jeff Davis and Director Russell Mulcahy Talk “Teen Wolf”
MULCAHY: Tyler Posey, and a number of other actors, came in to do screen tests. With Tyler, I turned to Jeff and said, “That kid has got the It Factor. I think we found him.” Once we found him, he...
Interviews Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf Promos & Interviews
I've added 2 more promotional images of Teen Wolf to the gallery. Also, below are a few interviews that Dylan did for Teen Wolf.  Hopefully later in the day, I can get the screencaptures of the interviews to the gallery....