Dylan O’Brien Plays The Genuine Friend on MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’

MediaBlvd> Can you start out by telling me how you ended up onTeen Wolf, and what the audition process was like?

Dylan> It was just an audition that came along through my manager.  I’d been auditioning for four months and I’d just started acting, and I wasn’t even available for the audition.  I had a test to take and it was an issue, so when my manager sent me the appointment email she was like, “Listen, I know you have your test and I know it’s an issue, so read it and look it over and if you want we can pass or try to reschedule it, it’s really not that big of a deal.” So we both read it and called each other back and were like, “Well, this is pretty fucking good!”  We were both obsessed with the script and it was just so impressive to us.  Jeff Davis’ writing is just that unbelievable.  It’s literally like reading a chapter novel.  So this was just this thing that I didn’t know anything about.  I didn’t know what the original Teen Wolf was.  So I just read this pilot script and I was originally supposed to be going for Scott.  But when I read it I just said, “Can we go after Stiles?”  And my manager said, “I’ll see if I can make that happen.”  So long story short, I skipped my test and went to the audition, and so four auditions later I finally got it.

MediaBlvd> Did they let you make up the test later on?

Dylan> No, I didn’t do well in school, and I only lasted one semester.

MediaBlvd> How would you describe the relationship between Stiles and Scott?

Dylan> I guess I would just have to say natural.  These are two guys who are just genuinely friends.  They just genuinely care about each other and would each do the same thing for one another.  If Stiles was bitten by a werewolf, Scott would be the Stiles in the situation. Neither of them would run away from this, but would just try to help support the other.  They are just that close and genuinely do love each other.  Because the audience has no background on this relationship and are just kind of leapt into the story with these two guys they know nothing about, the chemistry just kind of has to have a natural feel.  I think it starts with the writing, which is something that Jeff has done so well in writing this bond.  I think it helps that Tyler and I are also such good friends in real life and are on the same page with how this relationship needs to be, and how it has to come off with the audience.  Right from the get-go, you are out in the wood with these two kids you know nothing about and you have to be rooting for them and be attached to them.  They really clue you in on the relationship and you just feel like you are hanging out with two normal kids.

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14 June 2011

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