‘Teen Wolf’ Star Dylan O’Brien: ‘I’ve Never Seen Twilight’

On the popularity of Teen Wolf.
“It’s been a long process and we’ve put so much into it, so it’s really nice to see a warm response. The show has gotten really good reviews by critics and fans. We have such a good time doing it and the icing on the cake is that everyone else loves it, too. It’s so cool because it totally could have gone the other way.”

What Dylan was like in high school.
“I totally played the class clown. I didn’t have that many friends my first few years of high school. It was very cliquey and I’m super shy, so it was hard to make friends. But I was comfortable cracking jokes in class and using my humor to make kids laugh rather than ignore me, so that became my reputation. I just became the class clown because it was the only way I could get attention.” 

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15 August 2011

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