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  —   04 26 2012

Dylan along with costars Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey attended the 2012 MTV Upfronts today which was held at the
Beacon Theater in New York City.  You can view the pictures below.  Enjoy!


  —   04 25 2012

I’ve added a few new candids to the gallery from when Dylan was signing autographs at the Sundance Film Festival 2012.  I’ve also added a few more solo shots of when Dylan and the cast of Teen Wolf  attended Randy Jackson Presents “ABDC” Season 6 Finale back in June 2011.  Enjoy!

  —   04 16 2012

Thanks to Pampowell & Larry, I’ve added 44 pictures from the Q&A Session of the Premiere of “The First Time”.  If you repost these please credit the original photographer.  Enjoy!

  —   03 15 2012

I’ve added a pictures to the gallery that we did not have before.  I’ve added pictures from the Premiere Party For MTV’s “The Buried Life” Season 2 back in 2010, HQ pictures from Entertainment Weekly’s 5th Annual Comic-Con Celebration, and pictures from The First Time Premiere and from The Bertolli Meal Soup Chalet from earlier this year.  Enjoy!

  —   01 26 2012

I’ve added 8 pictures of Dylan from when he attended The Bertolli Meal Soup Chalet which was held on January 21 during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

  —   01 23 2012

Dylan O’Brien, the actor behind the quick-witted Stiles on MTV’s Teen Wolf, stopped by The Hollywood Reporter‘s THR Video Lounge at the Sundance Film Festival to discuss his new film, but shared a few details about the hit series’ upcoming season.

“Stiles is dead,” O’Brien joked. “So I’m there supporting, but I’m not on the show. I’m kind of PA-ing.”

Seriously, though. O’Brien spilled that his character’s long-running crush on Holland Roden‘s Lydia may be rivaled by someone new, as the cast continues to film their second season in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Stiles is very well alive,” O’Brien clarified, after receiving glaring looks from his publicist off-camera. “He’s got this whole Lydia thing that he wanted, and that’s how it started this season, but I think it changes a little bit. I don’t know, there may be somebody else.”

“New character,” he teased. “Oh, and there’s a new villain, too.”

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  —   01 23 2012

I’ve added pictures from T-Mobile Google Music Village At The Lift which was held on January 22, 2012.  Also, I’ve added 2 portrait sessions for “The First Time”.  (Thanks Peter for the HQ!)

  —   01 22 2012

Thanks to VA, I’ve added a few more pictures from the 2012 Sundance Film Festival including twitter pictures. Also below are a few reviews of the “The First TIme.  I’m so happy that it’s getting such good reviews!

*** (three stars)

Jonathan Kasdan’s “The First Time” is, by design, “a very John Hughes-ian romantic comedy,” as the director put it. And it is indeed a lot like one of those great ’80s teen movies updated for the 21st century.

Dylan O’Brien stars as Dave, a high school senior who pines for Jane (Victoria Justice). But he’s not cool enough for her.
One Friday night, Dave meets Aubrey (Britt Robertson), and over the next two days the initially awkward pair fall in love. Culminating, 43 hours after they meet, with them having their “first time.” And it doesn’t exactly go well.

“The First Time” perfectly captures the awkwardness of being a teenager. It’s funny, it’s heartfelt and the perfomances are great. It’s a bit talky at times, but then so are teenagers.

The Salt Lake Tribune

It’s hard not to be won over by “The First Time,” though, since TV vets Britt Robertson (“The Secret Circle”) and Dylan O’Brien (“Teen Wolf”) are so utterly charming. Robertson, in particular, brings a brainy-pixie vibe that reminded me of the late, great Adrienne Shelley in those early Hal Hartley movies.

As for O’Brien, he’s certainly charismatic, but he’s tough to buy as the nerdy sensitive-guy (who another character actually calls “average-looking”) when he could clearly be an underwear model. Nonetheless, the two actors click as slightly-eccentric adolescents who feel like real people, even if they don’t always talk like them.

Still, even if Kasdan bobbles the dialogue, he gets a lot of high school life just right, from messy keggers to Saturday night at the multiplex to the difference between calling a girl on her cell versus calling her parents’ number. Teenagers are probably likely to be way more forgiving of the beyond-their-years sophistication of the witty chat, and they might even make “The First Time” a hit.

Alonso Duralde at TheWrap

“Coming from television . . . the process of rehearsing and developing the characters [was] amazing,” O’Brien said. “This experience is different from any experience I’ve had,” added the actor, who is making his first major film appearance.

A handful of stars have successfully made the transition from the small to the big screen — Michelle Williams, Blake Lively and Shia LaBeouf, to name a few. But the shift is challenging for many young TV stars, with most teen soaps and comedies not exactly helping actors forge a diverse skill set. And even those who do it successfully can take a long time getting there; witness Williams’ turns in gems like “Halloween: H20” before she became an Oscar contender.

The trio of “First Time” actors–all between the ages of 18 and 21–showed a little of their inexperience when they came on stage after the screening. Justice, who no doubt has done her fair share of press as a Nick star, was the most animated, cheerily recounting anecdotes from the set. But Robertson and O’Brien appeared less comfortable, rolling on the balls of their feet and passing off the microphone to other cast members on a few occasions instead of answering questions themselves.

“First Time” is seeking a U.S. buyer, and though the comedy isn’t broad enough to merit a studio acquisition–“American Pie” this ain’t–the movie’s charm could be enough to land it a midsize deal and release.

LA Times Blog

  —   01 22 2012

I’ve added pictures from “The First Time” Premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival as well as a few pictures from The Variety Studio At The 2012 Sundance Film Festival.  (Thanks Peter for the HQ!)

  —   11 26 2011

Do you want to see the Teen Wolf cast on The Ellen DeGeneres Show? So do we!  If you want to see them on the show and have a twitterplease sign this twitition! Also, tell all of your friends to sign!  You can sign it by clicking here or by clicking the picture above!