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  —   10 16 2012

Have you heard of The First Time? It’s a new movie about losing your virginity in high school, and it stars none other than Teen Wolf hottie Dylan O’Brien.

In the flick (which we totally loved, BTW), Dylan plays a shy high school senior named Dave who’s had a crush onVictoria Justice for years, but ends up falling for Britt Robertson during one crazy weekend. Lucky ladies!

We got a chance to sit down with Dylan last week in Los Angeles, where he told us all about his own high school experience, and, yep, losing his virginity!

He also shares a horror story from one of the parties he attended in high school. You’ve gotta wait till the end of the video to find out what happened to him!

Will you be checking out The First Time when it hits theaters on Friday?

If you can’t view it, see it here.
  —   10 16 2012

I’ve added 4 HQ movie stills from “The First Time.  You can view them in the gallery below and remember that “The First Time” comes out this Friday  in select theaters!  Check out if it is in theaters near you here.

  —   10 13 2012

Dylan and costar Britt Robertson did an interview with Awesomeness TV to promote their movie “The First Time.  Check out the cute interview below!

  —   10 11 2012

Good News!  Showtime listings have been released!  The showings will be in certain areas in ArizonaCalifornia , and New York. Click below to see if there’s a showing in your area and to buy tickets!  Remember “The First Time” comes out October 19th!

  —   10 04 2012

The first official movie poster for “The First TIme” has been released!  I’ve added the  poster to the gallery and can be viewed below!  If you repost please credit!

  —   10 02 2012

HD Screencaptures from the Official Theatrical Trailer of “The First Time have been added to the gallery as well as a new still from the movie!  If you haven’t seen the trailer yet click here!

  —   10 01 2012

Here it is!  After such a long wait, the theatrical trailer for “The First Time” has been released!  I am so excited to see this movie!

  —   09 12 2012

The Official Facebook page for “The First Time is up and running!  Click here to “like” it and to be updated with all the latest about the movie!  Also on the page, there’s a new movie still so click on the picture above to view the full size!

  —   09 10 2012

According to The New York Times October Release Schedule, it seems like “The First Time” is set to be released on October 19th.    I tried to find more information on it to see if it’s opening in all theaters or only in select theaters but I couldn’t find anything yet.  I mean it’s The New York Times website, so I feel like the information is reliable.  When more information is released about the premiere, I will post about it!  Plus, click on the picture above to see what other movies are coming out in October!

EDIT: It seems like it is being released on October 29th and it seems to be opening in select theaters according to Movie Insider!

  —   06 16 2012

While Taormina is playing up its new populist appeal through comedies, it is also boasting an educational bent.

In what might be seen as sacrilege by some cinephiles, TV takes the spotlight in several onstage conversations — dubbed Tao Class Chats — about smallscreen stardom in America. Jason Lewis (“Sex and the City,” “Brothers & Sisters”), Lisa Edelstein (“House”) and young hearttrobs Dylan O’Brien (“Teen Wolf”) and Britt Robertson (“The Secret Circle”) have been recruited for the chats in Taormina’s Greek Theatre to discuss TV stardom vs. movie stardom, and keeping a character fresh on a long-running skein.


In an interesting juxtaposition, Taormina will feature recent works by both Lawrence Kasdan, whose baby boomer drama “Darling Companion” will unspool, and his son Jonathan, who will bring his teen comedy “The First Time,” to the fest. Both pics will have their international preems at Taormina. Fest will also serve as the European launch pad for Fox’s “The Three Stooges.”


Looks like Dylan and “The First Time” costar Britt Robertson will attended the Taormina Film Festival 2012 which takes place June 23rd-28th! More information will be posted as they become released.