The First Time
Additional “The First Time” Movie Stills
I've added 23 additional HQ movie stills from "The First Time" as well as updating the ones that are currently in the gallery.  I've also added  4 new behind the scenes photos of Dylan and director Jon Kasdan.  If posted anywhere...
The First Time
New “The First Time” Stills
I've added 13 additional movie stills from "The First Time" to the gallery.  You can check them out in the gallery below!  Also, make sure to preorder your copy of the DVD on Amazon!  The DVD is set to come out March...
The First Time
Pre-Order “The First Time”!
Make sure to pre-order your copy of "The First Time" on Amazon now!  The DVD will be released March 12, 2013.
Interviews The First Time
Two More “The First Time” Interviews
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Glamour Interview: We Are So Crushing on Dylan O’Brien, and You Will Be Too!
Glamour: So, were you as awkward around girls in high school as your character in the movie, Dave, was? Dylan O'Brien: Absolutely! I wasn't so smooth. I was very shy with girls and was always, you know, ruddy cheeked around...