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On MTV’s TEEN WOLF, Monday nights at 10, the gig is filled by Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stan “Stiles” Stilinsky, who researches all the mythology that comes with the hairy curse afflicting his pal Scott McCall (Tyler Posey).New York native O’Brien, who will be twenty later this month, talks to us about portraying the compadre of a high school lycanthrope.

ASSIGNMENT X: Stiles is kind of a smartass. Had you played this type of character before?

DYLAN O’BRIEN: This was the first role that I got.

AX: What did you do before you were an actor?

O’BRIEN: I went to high school and I made YouTube videos, and that eventually got me into acting unintentionally. [They were] just sketch comedy videos that I would write and make and edit them and put the money in and eventually got enough of a following that somebody noticed me and I started auditioning and I got TEEN WOLF, so there you have it.

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02 August 2011

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