Ology Presents: The 10 Best TV Shows Ever 2011!


There’s a sliver of Teen Wolf that isn’t much more than a bunch of really good looking Abercrombie cutouts running for their lives (I dare you to Google Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed as the tale’s ill-fated Romeo and Juliet and try to keep it in your pants). But outside of glistening abs and perfect bods, clueless Scott McCall dangerously juggles his first crush, lurking frenemies, lacrosse and growing hairy in MTV’s foggy spook town that never gets any light EVER. It’s equal parts thrilling, scary, well-crafted, and charmingly witty, especially with the discovery of the show’s breakout star Dylan O’Brien as sidekick Stiles. Wolf didn’t put all of its eggs in the main character’s basket—which is good, because that background eye candy puts on one hell of a show. –  Terron R. Moore


07 December 2011

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