“Teen Wolf” Exclusive: Season 2 Secrets Revealed!

Filming for Season 2 of “Teen Wolf” is officially under way, and while MTV is usually a stickler for keeping major plotlines hush-hush, executive producer Jeff Davis saw no harm in recently unlocking the steel fortress and leaking a few of the scripts’ finer details exclusively to Remote Control. Below, five interesting tidbits about the next season of “Teen Wolf.”

1. The first episode will be called “Omega.”

2. You will eventually learn what the Triskele tattoo on Derek‘s back means.

3. The second episode revolves around the new full moon.

4. Lydia will no longer hide her extraordinary intelligence.

5. Tyler PoseyTyler HoechlinColton HaynesHolland Roden and Crystal Reed all spent weeks with personal trainers to get into prime shape for the shooting of Season 2.Dylan O’Brien ate pizza and somehow still remained skinny.

+ Did we get your wheels turning already? Based on this new intel, give us your best predictions for Season 2 twists and turns!


07 December 2011

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