Article: “TV witches, ’wolves unite for Sundance”

Dylan O’Brien stars in MTV’s “Teen Wolf” as the werewolf’s best friend. Britt Robertson stars in The CW’s “Secret Circle” as a witch.

The two star together in “The First Time,” a romantic comedy about two teenagers, which premieres Saturday, Jan. 21 at the Sundance Film Festival. “It’s pretty funny,” Robertson said. “Totally a coincidence, but kind of weird.”

O’Brien added: “We were constantly making jokes about how the two leads are on supernatural television shows. We knew that would be something people would be talking about.”

“The First Time” is writer/director Jonathan Kasdan’s tale of Dave (O’Brien), a high-school senior who pines after popular girl Aubrey (Robertson), who seems out of his reach until they meet at a party one weekend.

There are some parallel between the characters and the actors who play them. Robertson, 21, has a long list of movie credits. O’Brien, 20, was making his first real movie, hot on the heels of his first real role of any kind in “Teen Wolf.”

“He was so sweet and so amazing to work with,” Robertson said. “He had this wide-eyed innocence about him.”

“Working with Brittany was the best experience of my life,” O’Brien said.

While “The First Time” is entered in the U.S. Dramatic competition, Robertson said, “it’s really more of a comedy.” “I think that the relationship between my character and Brittany’s character is really funny,” O’Brien said. “But it’s less about the funny and more about the relationship and how it evolves so quickly, over one weekend.”

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19 January 2012

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