MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Dylan O’Brien Spills Season 2 Secrets

Dylan O’Brien, the actor behind the quick-witted Stiles on MTV’s Teen Wolf, stopped by The Hollywood Reporter‘s THR Video Lounge at the Sundance Film Festival to discuss his new film, but shared a few details about the hit series’ upcoming season.

“Stiles is dead,” O’Brien joked. “So I’m there supporting, but I’m not on the show. I’m kind of PA-ing.”

Seriously, though. O’Brien spilled that his character’s long-running crush on Holland Roden‘s Lydia may be rivaled by someone new, as the cast continues to film their second season in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Stiles is very well alive,” O’Brien clarified, after receiving glaring looks from his publicist off-camera. “He’s got this whole Lydia thing that he wanted, and that’s how it started this season, but I think it changes a little bit. I don’t know, there may be somebody else.”

“New character,” he teased. “Oh, and there’s a new villain, too.”

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