Teen Wolf Spoilers: Latest From EW

Teen Wolf doesn’t kick off until summer, but while in Atlanta, I got a chance to meet a few of the new faces (and some old faves!) who you’ll be seeing in season 2. So I thought it’d be nice to have two introductions:

Gage Golightly plays Erika, a high school pariah whose days of lonely lunchtimes and hallway shame are over after being bitten by a werewolf. In an instant, she’s “the girl who walks in the cafeteria and forks drop,” says Golightly. “It’s very fun to play that whole transformation and just be able to get back at everybody who made fun of her all those years.” In more teasy news: Golightly says her favorite scene so far is when she shares a “sexually intense” scene in the morgue with [REDACTED].

Sinqua Walls, who you might remember from season 3 of Friday Night Lights, plays new “troublemaker” Boyd, who “brings an interesting animalistic nature” to the show. Boyd, after finding new physical strength, joins the lacrosse team and gains newfound confidence. But, Walls says, his sudden transformation doesn’t erase all traces of his insecure past. “I hope to show the slow maturation from going really insecure to being confident,” he says. “Inside, [he still has] those nerves and anxieties and self-consciousness.”

Elsewhere, I also caught up with Dylan O’Brien, who told me that this season would find one of my favorite teen BFF duos (Stiles and Scott) pursuing different paths. “I think Stiles kind of had to take the reigns last year with Scott, who was more in a state of panic and wasn’t quite ready to handle all the werewolf endeavors. Stiles picked up the slack. This year, Scott and Stiles separate a little bit — not as friends, but in their storylines in a sense,” he shares. “I think Stiles is going to have a lot more to deal with on his own this year.” Among it all? Possibly a date or two with Lydia! Well, he hesitates to call them dates — instead opting for “forced-hang out occasions” — but I’m going to go there and say date. Because that has to happen.


03 February 2012

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