What Would Dylan Do Without Electricity?

OMG. Earth Day is practically here! Sunday, 4/22 if you didn’t know. We here at Act HQ thought about what to do for the big day (It’s like our wedding day. Kinda.) We wanted to do something a little bit different than telling you about eco-friendly products or why you should hug a tree or whatever. So we decided to holla at some of our fav MTV Stars (Tyler Posey! Colton Haynes! Ashley Rickards! Dan Savage! And more!) and ask them a super important question, “What would you miss the most if you had no electricity?”

Why is this question so important? Here’s a not-so-fun fact: 1.3 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity. So we wanted to bring awareness to it ’cause access to energy = better healthcare, education, and financial independence. Thankfully, Music for Relief, Linkin Park’s org, is focused on bringing sustainable energy to those who don’t have it through their Power the World campaign.

It’s so weird to think about life without electricity, right? Or like “Teen Wolf’s” Dylan O’Brien says in the video below, “Man, I don’t think about it that much.” I don’t want to give away answers from our MTV fam but there’s one common thing many of them would miss: Twitter! Watch the video and if you want to bring awareness to this cause too, it takes a few seconds: All you have to do is tweet out what you would miss the most if you didn’t have electricity with the hashtag #whatiwouldmiss. OK, without futher ado, here’s the video!


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21 April 2012

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