‘Teen Wolf’ takes Comic-Con: 8 Things You Need To Know

As many of you know, the Teen Wolf Panel at Comic Con was this afternoon. Some fantastic news has been released…. and Teen Wolf is officially getting a 3rd season and well as having 24 episodes! Congrats to the cast as well as Jeff Davis!  Zap2It posted 8 Things You Need To Know about the upcoming season and you can view it below!

To kill Jackson or to save him? As the Kanima continues to hunt victims, the question is whether or not Jackson can be saved — and whether or not it’s worth saving a creature so lethal. With the hunters, Scott, and Derek all on Jackson’s tail (uh, litterally) it could go either way. By the end of the episode, we’ll be worried about the fate of several characters. “Jackson’s still going to continue to raise hell with everybody. This has just brought him to the next level,” Haynes says. “Hopefully he’ll maybe make the transformation into a wolf, or something else will come along and he’ll move up the food chain. Maybe an elephant. Maybe a rabbit. A bunny.”

Expect some father-son time. Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski figure out that the mechanic and the couple who were murdered have something in common — and Isaac has a strange, indirect connection to them, too. With a little sleuthing, the Sheriff and Stiles get very close to figuring out who the Kanima’s master is… but not without consequences.

Allison’s dad makes a good case. “The price of greatness is responsibility,” Argent tells his daughter, quoting Winston Churchill. He interrogates her and implores her to spill what she knows about the Kanima — and he does a great job of appealing to her compassionate side. “Allison has some werewolf hunter skills,” says Reed. “She’s about to get really really badass, which I’m really excited about.”

Will Scott and Allison start seeing other people? After that horrifying confrontation with Victoria, Scott thinks they need to increase their efforts to keep their relationship a secret. He even suggests that Allison get cozy with cute camera guy Matt. It may be too little, too late — Victoria is willing to take things very far to keep Allison safe.

Dance-off! When the whole gang goes to a rave (the perfect place to catch a murderous lizard, obviously), there’s a dangerous confrontation on the dance floor — but not before Jackson, Erica, and Isaac show off some seriously hot moves. The temperature in the Comic-Con room definitely rose a few degrees, y’all.

Where’s Lydia? Holland Roden doesn’t appear in this week’s episode, as most of the focus is on Jackson’s plight and a dangerous situation that Scott finds himself in.

Sterek isn’t off the table. “Honestly, on this show it’s 50/50,” Hoechlin joked when the moderator asked if Derek would get a girlfriend or just start to date Stiles.

And of course, the biggest news — “Teen Wolf” was officially picked up for a third season. This time, instead of 12 episodes, the season will be a full 24 episodes.

12 July 2012

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