5 Ways Stiles Has Shed His ‘Teen Wolf’ Sidekick Status

Despite the fact that Stiles pretty much always has a shirt on (just one glimpse, pleeease?) and is a natural go-to for drag queens, the Beacon Hills sidekick has made it venom-clear in this season of “Teen Wolf” that he’s past playing second fiddle to the sexy Scott McCall. Don’t get us wrong–Stiles relishes his role as the one to keep his werewolf bestie in line and doesn’t mind picking up the pieces when Lydia goes all hot mess on us, but the sheriff’s son has suddenly come out shining like a full moon. Here are five things that secure the guy’s status as simply, well, Stiles, instead of Robin to Scott’s Batman:

1. Scoring two goals in the championship lacrosse game. Because Isaac wiped out half the BHHS lacrosse team in a bid to get Scott on the field, Coach Finstock had no choice but to give Stiles some game time. Usually a bench-warmer despite being BFF with the co-captain, Stiles unexpectedly scored not one, but two goals in the big game. Oh, hai, Lydia. Have you met Stilinski, lacrosse stud?

2. Leading Scott and Allison in the hunt for Lydia. After a hallucinating Lyd mysteriously disappeared from the hospital, Stiles organized a search party in the woods for his love. Yes, the same slightly cray love who chose to make out with a corpse instead of our favorite Boy Scout, but we’re not here to talk about his taste in women. That’s a whole ‘nother story.

3. Saving Derek’s life. First our boyish hero saved Scott’s mom, and then he rescued the Alpha. It’s true. When the Kanima had both Stiles and a paralyzed Derek trapped in the BHHS pool, it was the former who kept the latter afloat.

4. Keeping Jackson contained. Sort of. Stiles was the brains behind stealing one of the police department’s prisoner transport vans in order to keep Jackson-Kanima from killing more innocent victims. It was the best idea out of any, and it worked while Scott and Allisonwere busy whispering sweet nothings to each other. And then it didn’t.

5 . Facing off directly with Jackson/The Kanima. Shortly after trapping the Kanima inside of a warehouse with a miraculous ring of Mountain Ash dust, our mini police chief took the lead by interrogating the Kanima’s master while a couple of scurred Beta wolves stood back.


13 August 2012

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