Teen Wolf Season-Three Scoop: New Big Bads and Stiles’ Love Life!

Prepare for a Time Jump: Season three will start up four months after the finale, skipping the gang’s summer break all together. “It gives you a little narrative breathing room and it allows us to come back to a character after they’ve had a chance to get over things,” he says. “It is a way at starting back at square one. So, in order to tell a new story and I think it’s fun to start them junior year.

“I have the opening to episode ‘301′ already planned out and it’s going to be for Scott and Stiles, it is going to be life back to normal again,” he continues. “It is going to be about junior year and prepping for the SATs and getting ready for college. They will have to come back to being normal teenagers before the new mystery, before new bad guys start to brew again.”

Jeff wouldn’t reveal the overall theme of season three (man’s gotta have his secrets!), but says, “I think fans can definitely expect the same level of thrills and action and romance. You’re going to see a new kind of relationship with Scott and Allison, especially now that they’ve broken up. It’ll be interesting to play that dynamic of being scorned lovers who have to figure out if they can stay apart or if something brings them back together.”

“Stydia” in Season Three: One bone we had to pick with Jeff? Stiles (aka currently our favorite character on TV) not landing the girl, Lydia (Holland Roden), at the end of the season.

“I think they have amazing chemistry together. I can see that happening. They’re just so good together. One of the things I didn’t expect actually in episode 11 was the looks they gave each other,” he explains. “They were magic. In looking at her from the field and seeing the look of pride in her eyes. She’s just great. They’re really good together. I can see that pairing playing a bigger role in season three.”

Whew! But wait, what about Jackson (Colton Haynes)? Davis reveals they actually filmed an alternative scene for the finale where he died, and when asked about his season three storyline says, “As for Jackson’s fate, you’ll just have to wait and see.” Ruh-roh! And yes, his blue eyes as a wolf definitely mean something. “It’s significant,” Jeff hints. “There is definitely a reason for it.”


16 August 2012

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