‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3: Episode 11 Title Revealed, Dylan O’Brien Teases More Mythology!

Teen Wolf‘s eleventh episode title has been revealed, and Dylan O’Brien talks more in depth about what we can expect in season 3, including the introduction of more mythology.

The title reveal comes from SpoilerTV, in which they simply state episode 3×11 will be called “Alpha Pact.”

This title is extremely intriguing given the possible insinuations. Who is making a pact? Is it the Alpha Pack amongst themselves to try to take down Derek and his friends? Is it Derek making a deal with the Alpha Pack so they’ll leave his hometown of Beacon Hills? But at what cost? Or could someone like Ethan secretly be making a pact with Scott and the others in order to save the life of someone he cares about?

Currently, we know the following episode titles:

3×01: Tattoo
3×02: Chaos Rising
3×03: Fireflies
3×04: Unleashed
3×05: Frayed
3×06: Motel California
3×07: Currents
3×08: ???
3×09: The Girl Who Knew Too Much
3×10: ???
3×11: Alpha Pact

In addition to this, Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) recently spoke with Hollywire TV at the MTV Movie Awards. Check it out below!

Source: hypable.com

18 April 2013

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