Dylan O’Brien: ‘A Storm Is Coming’


Unless you’re a Teen Wolf fan or caught a terrific little film called The First Time, you probably heard Dylan O’Brien’s name for the first time at some point during the last month. He not only co-stars withVince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in The Internship (out June 7), but snagged heaps of headlines for landing lead roles in 20th Century Fox’s big screen adaptation of The Maze Runner and in Dreamworks’ Glimmer.

Starting June 3, newcomers to the Dylan O’Brien is Magnificent Fan Club will quickly discover what two of Hollywood’s biggest studios and millions of Teen Wolf fans quickly learned when the instantly addictive series roars back onto television. To find out what fans can expect from Stiles in season three, I hit up the set and sat down with the incredibly in-demand actor over craft service cupcakes.

ETonline: Season three picks up four months later, where do we find Stiles?
Dylan O’Brien: Things are not crazy different for Stiles. He and Scott are still tight and they both had a break from the girls to get their stuff together. Stiles and Lydia are kind of working together as detectives. His room is filled with pinboards and all these crazy crime pictures. He’s trying to take care of his friends and family in a new way.

ETonline: Is Stiles still pining for Lydia while working alongside her?
O’Brien: Stiles isn’t really thinking that way anymore, but what’s so cool about this season is you can always see the underlying care they have for each other even when it’s not thrown in the audiences face. We team up a lot this year and have to figure out a lot of stuff together. Which is cool.

ETonline: What are they teaming up to investigate?
O’Brien: That’s a good question because I don’t technically know … I’m still detectiv-ing [laughs]. But we do learn that there’s a bigger world of Alphas out there and they’re all converging on Beacon Hills but we don’t know why. Murders start happening again, so we’re figuring out what’s going on, who is doing it and why.

ETonline: Stiles has often struggled with keeping secrets from his father. Now that Scott’smom knows the truth, will Stiles want to clue his dad in too?
O’Brien: There’s a point in the season where Stiles feels like he has to tell his father the truth because keeping Scott’s secret really starts to hurt their relationship. But Stiles is still really worried about what it could mean to their relationship and struggles with the fear of losing his father. I mean, he’s the only thing Stiles really has.

ETonline: Looking at season three, what are you excited for fans to experience?
O’Brien: There is some really cool action, lots of intense cliffhangers and in-depth character development I think the fans are seriously going to appreciate. We learn a lot about some secondary characters, like Deaton, which sheds light on the town’s history. This season has a lot to do with history. We explain where this werewolf thing all started, we find out why these Alphas are coming back, we learn why Derek is the way he is, why Peter is the way he is and it’s crazy. A storm is coming.

Teen Wolf premieres June 3 at 10 p.m. on MTV — and if you missed any of season one or two, MTV will be airing an all-day marathon starting at 10 a.m. leading up to the new episodes!


28 May 2013

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