Get Dylan O’Brien’s Interning Tips!

Choose Something You Love!

“Don’t just take an internship because all your friends are doing it or you need to do something during the summer. You have to want it! I’ve seen some of my friends end up miserable at their internships because they have no desire to work at the company. Choose something you genuinely love!”

Intern For Someone You Admire

“In real life, I’d love to intern for a director and see the other side of the industry. My life would be hell, but I’m sure I’d learn so much. I’d be a good way to shadow somebody who knows what they’re doing.”

What To Expect At Google

“Google is a fascinating place to intern. Everyone has their dogs in their offices. They have volleyball courts, bowling allies, and crazy bikes that fit eight people—they have meetings while they ride around!”

Source: Seventeen

08 June 2013

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