Talks to “The Maze Runner” Crew!

Dylan, what were your fears about approaching this role – because you know it has a huge fan base of readers – to please them and also to bring your own take on the character?

Dylan O’Brien: Yeah it’s so cool man. I’ve haven’t worked much, I’ve adapted a book to a film before and played a character from a popular novel for kids. That’s very cool for me. I loved books as a kid and I would always picture my favorite actors, it’s really cool. It’s really cool to me. Getting to read the book, and read the script, and learn my character and bring it to life. I love having that responsibility too. Pleasing the fans, I’m not even going to worry about, they just seem so awesome and exciting. Not judgmental, or anything. Just supportive and exciting.

Wes Ball: It’s scary how accepting fans have been of all our choices so far.

Dylan O’Brien: It’s really cool.

James Dashner: I had never seen…you know, watching Twilight, The Hunger Games – and I have never seen a fanbase so thrilled with casting choices. It’s kind of eerie!

Wyck Godfrey: Yeah, I can say from experience, every casting choice on Twilight, the first response was, “Oh my god, you got it so wrong. It was terrible. You guys are stupid.” And on this one, every time we announced someone, everyone was like, “That’s perfect, that’s perfect.” Really, it’s an extraordinary fan base that James has got. They’re so loving. They really care. Makes our job easy.

Dylan O’Brien: You can just focus on doing good work with no pressure from anybody. It’s great!

Wes Ball: Yeah. We’re gonna make a good movie.


01 August 2013

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