Lydia’s In For A Love Triangle When ‘Teen Wolf’ Returns


In the classroom, Lydia Martin can ace pop quizzes, essays and projects like it’s no skin off her back, but when the second half of “Teen Wolf” Season 3 returns in January, her love life won’t be quite as easy to handle. Holland Roden, the actress behind the studious beauty, recently told E! News that Lydia will have her hands full with Stiles and Aiden when school is back in session. As if life as a banshee wasn’t complicated enough…

“There is more of a love triangle with Lydia,” Holland teased, but added that when the show picks up where it left off, we’ll see the continuation of her new relationship with Aiden, first. “I think it’s very much still fully on so far. It’s kind of, like, a wait and see kind of thing.” And for fans who are hoping her kiss with Stiles could mean Stydia still has a chance of blossoming, Holland said we’ll just have to wait and see. “We are becoming friends, so people have to be patient.”


10 September 2013

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