‘Teen Wolf’ Spoilers: 5 Insane Things to Know About Stiles, Scott & The Winter Premiere


“Teen Wolf” Season 3.5 is insane. Like literally, terrifyingly, awesomely insane. Keep reading for five of the craziest spoilers from “Anchors,” the winter premiere.

In case you had forgotten where we were when the summer episodes ended, here’s a refresher:

  • Scott, Stiles and Allison nearly died in order to save their parents — risking side effects that will only really begin in these new episodes.
  • The Alpha pack has been defeated and is not an immediate threat anymore.
  • Scott’s FBI agent dad is back in town and making trouble.
  • Derek left town with his sister for a vacation. He’s not back yet when the new episodes begin.
  • Having realized his true potential, Scott became an Alpha

Now for the spoilers:

1. Fans of Stiles (i.e., everybody) will love the premiere’s opening. He is the only person on-screen for the first few minutes. After that, he’s the focus for the rest of the scenes leading up to the opening credit. Dylan O’Brien is amazing throughout all of it.

2. Mrs. McCall has her hands full dealing with not one but two supernatural boys living in her house. This is not helped by the fact that they both like the same girl. Isaac gets slammed into a lot of walls because of this.

3. A car crash from several years earlier may prove to be very important for this season’s story arc.

4. Before “Anchors” ends, look for Allison to nearly kill a couple of people.

5. There’s a new history teacher at the high school (for obvious reasons). His daughter is a rather important new girl, Kira (Arden Cho). She gets an embarrassing introduction to her classmates.

Source: zap2it.com

25 November 2013

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