Best Quotes From The ‘Teen Wolf’ Set

Daddy Drama
“Last season was a lot about Stiles and his dad having this space in between them, but now that he’s in on the secret, it’s a big weight off his shoulders, but also, adds on more weight because Stiles always believed he was keeping his dad safe by keeping him in the dark. Now that he knows, he’s more involved and will be trying to help out, which puts him back in harm’s way. Especially with Scott’s dad back in town. His position as Sheriff is in jeopardy because of Agent McCall & that does cause some rifts with Scott and Stiles, but we’re bros above all.” – Dylan O’Brien

Stydia Detective Agency is Back In Business – Part 2
“It’s so cool because she is the core member of the detective team, I’m like her assistant now that she’s got all the powers. Stiles likes having Lydia in his life and I, personally, like their relationship. I loved the scene last season where she calmed down his panic attack. I’d still like something more to happen for Stiles and Lydia, but there’s more detective stuff ahead and some great moments where they share a deep connection that I think the fans will like. Sometimes I think Lydia likes having Stiles be the guy she turns to because her boyfriends don’t always work out; she really dates some a**holes, so I think it’s sweet that she’s growing and learning and has Stiles forever. He’s just that kind of person. They’re almost perfect for each other in a lot of ways.” – Dylan O’Brien

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13 December 2013

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