‘Teen Wolf’ EP on a ‘More Adult’ Season 3 and Upcoming Character Deaths

You’ve mentioned that this half of the season is much more psychological horror. What can we expect for the rest of the year?

This season we delve into the darker sides of Scott, Alison and Stiles, and the consequences of making that sacrifice at the end of 3A comes back to them. This is very much a season of consequences and Scott will worry about if he will become the monster Peter was, Alison may worry that she’ll become the hunter Kate was and Stiles may have a darkness inside him as well — and may not be there for his friends and may even hurt them.

Where does the core group stand at the moment and where are they going?

At the moment, their friendships are greatly well intact but they are going to fracture in season 3B and it’s not going to be good for Scott and Stiles‘ friendship, it’s not going to be good for Scott and Isaac (Daniel Sharman) and it’s going to be especially complicated for Scott and Allison as they go down different paths of romance as they try to find new people.

Who is the character viewers should be most worried for?

They should be very worried about Stiles this season. You should be worried about everyone in the main cast and possibly beyond because we’re going to kill a few people this season as well. Things are going to change at the end of the season.

You’re certainly not afraid to kill people off and then bring them back. Will these deaths stick?

The deaths this season are going to stick. (Laughs.)

Are they regulars?

Yeah. You’ll see.

Source: hollywoodreporter.com

06 January 2014

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