Participate in Teen Wolf Online Fanmail “Wolf Bites”!

Hey all! I was approached by fellow Teen Wolf fan StelenaIsLove about an online fanmail idea for the cast of the show! I think it’s a brilliant idea and you should check it out.  Read more about below and make sure to “like” the facebook page by clicking here.

via Facebook Page:

You want the Teen Wolf cast to see your support and love? You want to connect with more fans? Then Wolf Bites is the perfect place for you 🙂
Wolf Bites is for everyone who wants to get in touch with the Teen Wolf cast.
The most important is to share this page to everyone so the chance of notice is bigger, so please help!
You are all welcome to this page. News, photos, videos will be shared soon.
The digital book of fans will be available soon!How to join the book:

1. Write a message to me or to the email:
2. Include your name, country, age and a site for contact, like twitter or facebook…etc.
3. Write your message adressed to a particular actor or the whole cast. It’s your choice
4. If you don’t want to do a message, you can make a picture, video, fan art, whatever you want
5. The message shouldn’t be longer than 10 lines and please write in proper English

20 January 2014

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