‘Teen Wolf’: Dylan O’Brien on Stiles’ & Crazy Season


Stiles is out of it these days on Teen Wolf, but you would be too if you were possessed by a mischievous and evil Japanese spirit.

And following last week’s epic reveal of that possession, we hear it’s only going to get worse for the gang in Beacon Hills before it gets better. In a chat below, Dylan O’Brien previews the horror to come and breaks down last week’s creepy (and slightly bro-mantic) episode.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We need to start by talking about last week’s episode. Tell me about filming that scene at the hospital between Scott and Stiles because it was, honestly, one of the quieter moments of the episode and still my favorite of the hour.
DYLAN O’BRIEN: Tyler [Posey] and I are always excited when we get those scenes. I think those are the scenes we’re more drawn to because, I guess, those are the ones that get us, too. They get the audience [excited] and those are the scenes that [also] excite us. It’s almost a little nervewracking because you feel a little pressure to portray it nicely. But when you’re there and you do it, I think a lot of my and Tyler’s actual relationship translates to screen because we are really close in real life. We’ve been doing this together for four years now, and the show is really close to both of our hearts, you know? It always will be. But it’s all very personal for us, and it’s all real, I guess, in a sense.

How fun has it been playing evil Stiles?
It’s been awesome. It’s always one of those things that you’re worried about, I guess. I had fun doing it always and it’s been a blast as an actor. It’s been really cool discovering this new character and this entire other essence I get to play that’s so polar opposite from what I’ve already done on the show. At first, I didn’t really know what to do. I also didn’t know entirely what [the situation with the character] was going to be. We get the episodes week by week and I’m kind of rolling with the punches a little. But that’s what I love about the show, though. I find it challenging as an actor to always adapt to what’s being created for your character on the page. So there’s definitely a lot of stuff this season, for sure, that I’d never had to do before or ever had to try.

We’ve seen a few actors — especially on TV in the past few years — have to take on two roles on one show at the same time. When preparing to play Evil Stiles, was there any show or movie that you looked to for inspiration or ideas?
The funny thing is, no. Never. I never thought about it once before I was doing it and I think throughout the whole filming of the season, I didn’t really think about it…There’s always those Jekyll/Hyde roles in movies and stuff. I guess maybe I should have researched before hand. I don’t know. I’m also scared of copying what people have done. So maybe I try to keep myself as ignorant as I can possibly be. Because I feel like you get the most pure performance in that way.

So preview what’s next for me. I heard it’s going to get worse before it gets better, as is usual on Teen Wolf
Well, what we’ve seen now is the Nogitsune and how much power it has over Stiles. I think over the next few episodes we’re going to see that become more of a factor and more of a, like, permanent thing or a danger of it being a permanent thing. The Nogitsune is feeding off everything through Stiles. And the stronger it gets, the more control he has over him, basically. So it gets darker. And of course there’s the other side of the spectrum — we still see Stiles in every episode. We see his struggle with not understanding; he clearly has no control over it. He goes in and out of being aware of it. And you see the Nogitsune getting stronger. So it just gets really dark and crazy….It becomes insanity, basically.

How soon does everyone else catch on about the truth about what’s going on?
I think at this point it’s been pretty weird [for them]. I think it’s so funny watching how everyone’s so, like, I guess, cool with it. [Laughs] They just don’t even believe that it’s happening. But I really think the next episode is where Stiles’ friends — Scott and everybody — see what is happening to their friend.

Preview what you can for me about the finale. This is obviously going to continue building until something big.
I mean, I think any time a person goes through something like this — I think in real life it’s never [laughs] — I think you learn a lot and grow a lot. I think the season has made Stiles stronger. And this whole Nogitsune possession thing could sort of empower him in a human way. He’s survived a lot. And the finale is basically [him having] to face himself, finally. The whole season for him is a struggle with himself — himself being, obviously, the spirit. It will be one or the other, basically. So the finale is crazy because either he dies or the Nogitsune dies and no one knows how to kill the Nogitsune, So it gets weird.

Source: insidetv.ew.com

17 February 2014

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