‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3’s Tyler Posey: On The Stiles Threat

Is Stiles really evil at this point?
He’s 100 percent evil.

Can Scott believe this of his best friend?
He’s evil now but he still might be Stiles on the inside — Scott’s his best friend, he wouldn’t do anything to Scott and he does. And now it’s like there is no sign of Stiles anymore.

Deep down inside, I think Scott always hopes that Stiles is still in there, but he’s kind of second guessing that now. Really just trying to figure out what the h*** to do because he has no idea what to do, you know, how to get him out of there. He’s really lost because Stiles is his rock.

Now Scott’s growing up a lot and he really has great instincts on things and doesn’t really need the second hand from Stiles, but he’s his best friend overall so it’s definitely a huge impact on him so it’s going to be awkward.

Is Scott going to be able to face the idea that he might have to kill Stiles?
He doesn’t believe it. In the world of ‘Teen Wolf’ and especially in Scott’s world he always sees a second option. Death is never the first option for Scott at least, and he can always, always find and trust in himself that he will always find a second outcome. Because first of all, killing Stiles is not an option for Scott … There’s no way. He will never be able to live with himself.

Source: zap2it.com

05 March 2014

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