Dylan O’Brien is Under Contract for Teen Wolf Season 6

Despite the endless stream of clickbait reports from unreliable sources over the past several weeks, Dylan O’Brien is NOT leaving Teen Wolf at the end of season 5B.

TeenWolfNews.com first reported back in July that O’Brien would remain with the show into season 6. Despite this, a few out-of-context quotes from the actor and from Teen Wolf Executive Producer Jeff Davis led to a flurry of false reports suggesting O’Brien would exit the MTV show after the second half of Season 5.

The “Dylan O’Brien isn’t returning for Teen Wolf Season 6” false rumor dialed up a notch this week with reports that the next Maze Runner movie is slated to film starting in February which would seem to conflict with Teen Wolf’s filming schedule.

TeenWolfNews.com talked to Jeff Davis on Sunday to clear up any confusion about the actor’s future with Teen Wolf.

While both Maze Runner Director Wes Ball and the Director’s Guild of Canada sayMaze Runner: The Death Cure will film in Vancouver between February 29 and May 31, 2016, Davis says those dates could still change, “Despite what you’ve read those dates are not confirmed.”

While Teen Wolf traditionally films in the late winter and early spring, the dates for filming on Season 6 are also not yet set, “We don’t have a start date for production,” says Davis.

Even if the two productions’ schedules do conflict, Dylan O’Brien won’t leave Teen Wolf, “He’s contracted for both,” according to Davis.

It will be up to O’Brien’s representatives and MTV to figure out how to share the actor if need be. “It can be a scheduling nightmare to be honest,” Davis explains, “but I think it’s hardest on the actor, actually, who can find themselves doing a lot of flying.”

This isn’t the first time Davis and the Teen Wolf production have had to work around a major conflict in an actor’s schedule. “The most difficult scheduling we’ve ever done was working around Jill Wagner’s Wipeout shoot.” Davis is referring to the actor’s stint as Kate Argent back in Season 1.

At the time, Teen Wolf shot in Georgia while the game show Wipeout was produced in California. “She would fly to Atlanta to shoot with us and then be back on a plane a few hours later for shooting with Wipeout,” Davis remembers.

Whatever difficulties in scheduling that may arise, Davis says Dylan O’Brien is under contract to remain on Teen Wolf for Season 6.

Source: Moviepilot.com

23 November 2015

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