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mouza   —   06 06 2018

Hello everyone!

Today, we celebrate the site’s 7 birthday!! It’s been 7 years since Tiffany made the site and went fully online and it’s been a great ride seeing Dylan progress into this amazing actor and following up on his career!

I’ve been working behind the scenes on the gallery where I almost replaced all the files in HQ, including some missing Teen Wolf and movie screencaptures. The next step would be working on more detailed career pages and tracking down any missing photos we might’ve missed until we have some more news about Dylan’s upcoming projects.

To celebrate the site birthday we put up a brand new layout made by my friend Nicole! Hope you guys like it as much as I do.

If you find any errors or missing stuff on the site, please don’t hesitate to contact me about it. Thanks again for sticking by us for the last 7 years and here’s to more years to come.

mouza   —   05 21 2018

Hello everyone!

Websites that collect data on citizens in European Union (EU) countries and UK will need to comply with strict new rules around protecting customer data by May 25, due to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This regulations set rules for how and when we can collect personal data from users on our website, so is now required by law to be transparent about the personal data we collect, also be relevant and limited to what is necessary for the intended purpose of collection, but, specially, gain consent from individuals before using it.

The regulations are made for EU and UK citizens but since the site is visited globally, we can’t set this by geolocation, so we have added in our website a privacy policy page, along with a popup saying that you agree with cookies being added during your visit.

As site owners, we don’t really collect any data from you but using Google Ads comply us to update our privacy policy and make it clear about the cookies being used, thank you for understanding.

mouza   —   08 26 2017

Today is Dylan’s 26th birthday, myself & Tiffany (who’s on personal leave for a bit) would like to wish Dylan a happy birthday spent with family and friends.

To celebrate his birthday we put up a new responsive layout on the site by my dear friend Lora and kept the header Nicole made us earlier this year in the hope for some new shoots being released in the next few weeks while Dylan promotes American Assassin.

Another thing I’ve been working on is fixing up the gallery and working to replace pictures with bigger/better quality, one thing I was done with is replacing Teen Wolf 3A with high quality logoless screencaptures, so make sure to check them out in the gallery:

Make sure to follow our site on twitter (@dylan_obrienorg) as I’ll be making more frequent updates when it comes to the gallery.

  —   11 05 2016

Hey everyone! As you may have noticed, Dylan O’Brien Online has a brand new layout on both the main site and the gallery, thanks to the very talented Nicole! Isn’t it absolutely stunning?!

Also, there has been gallery updates which includes bigger thumbnails, and updating the first season of Teen Wolf screencaptures to HD and logoless!

  —   06 06 2016


You read that right! I can’t believe it’s been 5 YEARS since I started Dylan O’Brien Online! It’s been such a crazy and fun ride watching Dylan go from a tv sidekick to starring in films on the big screen! When I first started the site, I just wanted a place for other fans to find the most recent photos/news of Dylan and I am so happy that I am able to continue doing that today!

There are so many people that without their support (whether it’s donating photos or just moral support), this site would not be where it is today! Thank you so much to everyone that has been visiting/supporting Dylan O’Brien Online since the beginning and to those who recently started to support the site.

I would also like to do a special thank you to the wonderful/amazing/talented Dylan O’Brien for being such an inspiration to young people everywhere. Can’t wait to continue your career for years to come! <3

– Tiffany

  —   06 06 2015

Four years ago today, Dylan O’Brien Online was officially open! Never in my wildest dreams would I think the site would be where it is today. Thank you so much to everyone that has help donate pictures/information to the site over the last few years!

A very special thanks to Dylan O’Brien for being such a loveable and talented person. Over the last 4 years, I enjoyed following your career whether it was on the small screen or the big screen. I know you will go very far and achieve everything you go for and I can’t wait to see what you have in store next. <3

  —   08 26 2014

Dylan O’Brien Online would like to wish Dylan a very happy 23rd birthday! Thank you for being the amazing person you are and for being such a great actor/role model. Hope all of your wishes come true! 🙂


Don’t forget to check out the birthday book to see yours as well as other fans messages to Dylan. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the online book. There were about 360+ messages (incredible!). Check out the book by going to!

Since it’s Dylan’s birthday, I’ve put up a new main layout here at DOO! I hope you enjoy the new layout as much as I do. Over the next few weeks, I will be updating the different pages with new info and changing how some of them look so definitely check back for that.

Last but not least, I’ve added some photoshoots that were missing into the gallery as well as updating a couple to higher quality! You can check them out below:

001 001 001 001

001 001 001 001

  —   07 25 2014

Just wanted to let you guys know, that I will be going away on vacation on Sunday and will not be updating the site for about about a week. I will make sure to update with news, pictures and more when I come back. I know that there will be alot of press on both Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner so make sure to look at for those news.

  —   06 07 2014

Yesterday was June 6th, 2014 which makes it 3 years since DOO was created! Thank you all for visiting the site for all these years and helping out with pictures & news. I would also like to say thank you to @dylanobrien for being such a great role model and an amazing actor/person inside and out. I mean without him, we wouldn’t even be the source we are today! It’s been a great 3 years and being able to watch Dylan grow as a person and an actor and can’t wait to follow him on his future endeavors! 😀

In honor of it being 3 years online, I’ve put up a brand new layout! I hope you all enjoy it! 🙂