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Tiffany   —   09 15 2014

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Tiffany   —   09 15 2014

Dylan O’Brien couldn’t be considered “chubby” by anyone’s standards.

Yet when he sees himself in The Maze Runner, the new film in theaters Friday and based on James Dashner’s young-adult book, the fit 23-year-old actor is honestly taken aback by how thin he looks compared to now.

“I see my face and I can’t believe I was that skinny,” O’Brien says. “Clearly I was sprinting in a hot box for eight weeks straight.”

The title is definitely honest with its descriptors — there is a maze and lots and lots of running for O’Brien and his co-stars, but there’s also an intriguing prospect for those who love dystopian tales.

Equal parts The Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies, The Maze Runner stars O’Brien as Thomas, a young amnesiac who wakes up surrounded by other boys in a strange village called The Glade.

They don’t have a clue about who put them there or why — all they know is they’re surrounded by stone walls so high they seem to touch the sky, and beyond them lies a dangerous maze that changes nightly and contains monstrous creatures called Grievers.

Some of the kids, like Gally (Will Poulter of We’re the Millers fame), are just fine with society they’ve built in The Glade and don’t agree with Thomas’ wish to escape and find out who did this to them. The drama comes to a boil, however, when Thomas seizes the role “runner” to map the maze, and Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), a mysterious girl with a connection to Thomas, inexplicably shows up in The Glade.

Most young actors in Hollywood would love to be a part of the next big young-adult movie franchise and the chance to be the next Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) or Robert Pattinson (Twilight). They have become a lucrative cottage industry in Hollywood — Lawrence’s two Hunger Games movies have grossed nearly $1 billion just in the USA.

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Tiffany   —   09 11 2014

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As a co-star on MTV’s supernatural series “Teen Wolf,” Dylan O’Brien has already gained quite a fan base. The young actor will test whether the “Wolf” pack will follow him to the bigscreen on Sept. 19, when he stars in Fox’s adaptation of the popular YA novel “The Maze Runner.”

Compare “Teen Wolf” with the “Maze Runner” shoot.

(In “Teen Wolf”), my character has the least amount of action on the show. It’s kind of the same mode as “Maze Runner.” Both characters are always helpless and trying to survive.

How did you and “Maze Runner” co-star Will Poulter get along?

Straight off the bat, we just clicked. When I met up with him later in his room, the whole cast was there cooking dinner. From there on out, we were always together.

You’re no stranger to Comic-Con, having gone for “Teen Wolf.” This year, you repped two projects.

I was told it was going to be crazier, and I ended up thinking it was easier, because I was bouncing back and forth talking about both projects rather than one thing all day.

Which fan base would you say is the most passionate?

I haven’t gotten a huge glimpse of the “Maze Runner” fan-base quite yet. Seems similar with age and casting, and they share a similar audience. To me the “Maze Runner” fans have been so supportive of everything I have done. It makes it easier to adapt a book that is popular with kids because of how excited they are about the project you don’t get the criticisms you would get with other projects.

What is the strangest thing a fan has done at the Con?

We were walking through Petco Park after a signing, and this girl plowed through security and grabbed onto my neck and started pulling. Her grip was so impressively strong that this huge security guard was struggling to get her off of me. I was like, “Whoa. That’s kind of crazy.”

Source: Variety.Com

Tiffany   —   09 09 2014


As 4,000 screaming fans fixed their gaze on a microphone in the middle of San Diego Comic-Con’s cavernous Ballroom 20, a young girl approached and cleared her throat.

“Hi! I love you, Dylan O’Brien,” she excitedly exclaimed, already fighting back tears. “Aw, you’re so cute,” replied O’Brien and, with a single compliment, unwittingly triggered a full-blown emotional meltdown: The girl’s knees buckled, her entire body trembled, and her hysterical crying could not be stopped.

“Are you OK?” O’Brien asked, genuinely concerned, as she repeated, “Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God,” through a mask of endless tears.

These kinds of uncontrollable breakdowns, reserved only for the biggest stars in the world, have become increasingly common in O’Brien’s life because, for the two million fans who religiously tune into Teen Wolf every week, that’s exactly what he is: a superstar.

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Tiffany   —   09 03 2014

Yesterday, Dylan, Kaya and Will stopped by Good Morning Philadelphia to do an interview to promote “The Maze Runner”.  Check out the interview below!

Tiffany   —   09 01 2014

Sometime last week, Will, Kaya & Dylan talk about “The Maze Runner” on Deco Drive which is on WSVN in Miami/ Fort Lauderdale Florida. Check out the interview below:

Tiffany   —   08 22 2014

Tiffany   —   08 13 2014

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Dylan O’Brien’s big brown eyes widen as he looks up at a massive concrete cross section of the maze, a living puzzle he’s set to conquer. A large camera zooms in on his face, coated in a thin layer of dirt, as he adjusts the collar of his blue shirt. The now 22-year-old is filming The Maze Runner—Wes Ball’s adventure thriller based on James Dashner’s best-selling YA book of the same name—on location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From the highway you’d never know that inside this colossal warehouse (a former Sam’s Club), fall’s hottest flick is deep in production.

“We have eight weeks and 30 million dollars,” Dylan says to me, catching his breath between takes, nodding at the massive labyrinth set he just came from. We’re sitting in director’s chairs under a sign that reads pharmacy. He adds, “If we pull it off, people will be like, ‘How the hell did they do that?'” A tight schedule means long, exhausting days and very little sleep for the young star. But he doesn’t mind: “This will forever be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

It almost never happened, though. Dylan has said that Ball initially thought his hair was “too MTV” for the role. It’s true—Dylan’s MTV ties run deep. He’s beloved to television audiences for his best-friend role as Stiles Stilinski on the network’s hit show Teen Wolf, recently renewed for a fifth season. But he’s not confined to the small screen. “I’ve always wanted to do action movies,” Dylan says. “I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan. And now I know firsthand that if a stunt coordinator offers you a pad to wear or land on, you take the pad. I throw my body around like a rag doll!”

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Tiffany   —   05 15 2014

The Maze Runner screenwriter James Dashner and star Dylan O’Brien, who plays Thomas in the upcoming film based on Dashner’s trilogy of young adult novels, stopped by the CBR Tiki Room at WonderCon 2014 in Anaheim to chat about bringing the book to life. After spending so much time with the characters in his head, Dashner talks about what it’s like to see them become real and whether the reality lives up to his imagination, as well as what he was most interested in the film getting right. O’Brien then talks about how his future filmmaking inclinations and how that affects the roles he takes and people he works with. Things wrap up with O’Brien divulging just how much of himself he brought to the role of Thomas and whether seeing Thomas played in a certain way will affect how Dashner plans to write him if the book series continues.

On whether the film version matches up to the vision Dashner had in his head when writing the novels: “Honest, total truth, is I cannot believe how much they matched my vision,” said Dashner. “I’ve just been pleasantly surprised, shocked, over and over how spot-on they’ve been with the script, the maze itself, the blade — I just could not be more thrilled, and I’m not just blowing smoke. It’s awesome.”

On what one thing was most important for Dashner that the film get right: “For me it was always that they captured the spirit of the book. I am totally fine with making the changes because a book is not the same as a film,” said Dashner. “But I wanted them to capture the spirit of it, which was the relationships of the characters, the mystery of it — just the ‘what the hell’s going on’ feel to it — and, man, I think they just nailed it.”

On what O’Brien, who wanted to be a cinematographer before becoming an actor, learned about filmmaking from working on the movie: “A lot that goes into my decision-making and where my heart goes is obviously the story and the role, but also the filmmaker I’d be working with,” said O’Brien. “Wes [Ball], this is his first movie, and literally all it took was me having a lunch with him, a couple hours one day before I even had the part, and he just completely sold me on the movie and made me want to work with him because he was insanely smart and he gets movies and really gets storytelling. And also, he’s just like a talented genius with visual effects and, you know, he’s an artists. I really wanted to work with him because as much as the acting is important to me, the other side, the technical aspect, is important as well. I want to direct one day and I always want to be working with guys who I’m learning from everyday on set. Wes entirely that guy for me on this movie. I think one day I’ll be, ‘I was lucky to be in Wes Ball’s first film.’”

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Tiffany   —   04 20 2014