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Dylan O’Brien chatted with at Comic Con in this interview that surfaced a few days ago! He talks his character of Thomas in The Maze Runner, and how interesting it was to portray a character that experiences a rebirth. He literally doesn’t know who he is, and then slowly parts of his previous self start to surface, and he discovers who he is. He also talks portraying a character from a book, and an anxiety dream he had after being told there were snake wranglers on set! Watch the interview below:

“[Thomas] is literally reset as a person, so it’s sort of interesting what happens. He can become whoever he wants to be! Who he was before doesn’t matter.” – Dylan O’Brien


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Stiles is out of it these days on Teen Wolf, but you would be too if you were possessed by a mischievous and evil Japanese spirit.

And following last week’s epic reveal of that possession, we hear it’s only going to get worse for the gang in Beacon Hills before it gets better. In a chat below, Dylan O’Brien previews the horror to come and breaks down last week’s creepy (and slightly bro-mantic) episode.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We need to start by talking about last week’s episode. Tell me about filming that scene at the hospital between Scott and Stiles because it was, honestly, one of the quieter moments of the episode and still my favorite of the hour.
DYLAN O’BRIEN: Tyler [Posey] and I are always excited when we get those scenes. I think those are the scenes we’re more drawn to because, I guess, those are the ones that get us, too. They get the audience [excited] and those are the scenes that [also] excite us. It’s almost a little nervewracking because you feel a little pressure to portray it nicely. But when you’re there and you do it, I think a lot of my and Tyler’s actual relationship translates to screen because we are really close in real life. We’ve been doing this together for four years now, and the show is really close to both of our hearts, you know? It always will be. But it’s all very personal for us, and it’s all real, I guess, in a sense.

How fun has it been playing evil Stiles?
It’s been awesome. It’s always one of those things that you’re worried about, I guess. I had fun doing it always and it’s been a blast as an actor. It’s been really cool discovering this new character and this entire other essence I get to play that’s so polar opposite from what I’ve already done on the show. At first, I didn’t really know what to do. I also didn’t know entirely what [the situation with the character] was going to be. We get the episodes week by week and I’m kind of rolling with the punches a little. But that’s what I love about the show, though. I find it challenging as an actor to always adapt to what’s being created for your character on the page. So there’s definitely a lot of stuff this season, for sure, that I’d never had to do before or ever had to try.

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Collider:  What can you say about where things are going for Stiles, and just how close he’ll get to completely losing his mind?

DYLAN O’BRIEN:  Pretty close.  It’s stuff I’ve really been working hard on, and it’s my first try at [stuff that dramatic].  It gets worse, for each of us.  There literally becomes a point where Stiles is going to check himself into a mental hospital.  It’s that bad.  We finally pinpoint what’s going on mid-season, but then that just brings on a whole other bag of problems, like how it usually goes on our show.  But, it’s done in a really clever, cool way.  It was a lot of fun for me, this season.  I had a lot of really cool stuff that I’m excited for everybody to see, and I hope goes over well.  At the end of the day, it felt good walking away, and it’s just about the experience.  It was a really fun season to do, and I think we all feel that way, about the show in general, about each other’s parts, and about our own parts.  It’s good.  It will be weird, but good.

Is it a little bit harder to find the comic relief, for these episodes?

O’BRIEN:  Yes.  That’s a good question. That’s one of my main challenges.  I never want to lose that essence of the character that I built a foundation on and that I love so much.  I get all these tormenting storylines, and I just try to figure it out.  Clearly, that changes a person, but I refuse to toss Stiles away, at all.  My job then becomes about balancing and trying to blend the humor and the comedy with the horrible, daunting, crazy stuff that’s going on.  When he’s going through this season is dramatized, so it’s hard to keep the humor in.  But, fans should not fear ‘cause that is always something that’s on my mind.  I will never let Stiles get too dramatic.  I don’t care what they write for me, I’ll just start cracking jokes.  I want him to have that confident energy about him.  I love that.  I also love that people have every layer possible in them, too.  I just hope that the scripts keep everything that I like about Stiles, and that the fans do, too.  I basically hope that this season doesn’t make them hate me.  The whole time I’m like, “Oh, god, please don’t kill me!”

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On Air with Ryan Secret recently uploaded a video of Dylan, Tyler and Crystal answering a few Twitter questions that fans asked using #TeenWolf.  Some of the content they took tweets from the premiere episode. Check out the funny video below!

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Here are a few more interviews that Dylan, Crystal and Tyler did  while promoting the new season of Teen Wolf.

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It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your kids are?

Um, who cares—Teen Wolf is back!

Our MTV obsession finally returns for the second half of its third season tonight at 10 p.m., bringing us back to our beloved Beacon Hills to get reacquainted with Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and the rest of the gang.

But all is not well in Beacon Hills. In fact, you may want to keep the lights on when you watch tonight’s premiere, “Anchors,” as we can safely say it’s the show’s scariest outing ever. (Seriously, Stiles does not have a single one-liner! These are dark times indeed.) To preview Teen Wolf‘s “dark and scary” Season 3B, we chatted with Posey, O’Brien and Crystal Reed on the show’s Los Angeles set.

Posey teases that fans can expect this season’s pace to be slower, but oh-so-creepier.

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